Abbie Cornish talks acting and ‘Robocop’

Abbie Cornish, who showed the world she could kick ass with the best of them in the visually spectacular, but critically panned Sucker Punch has come a long way since that break out role.

In a recent interview for Latino Review about ‘ The Girl,’ Cornish revealed that she had very little in the way of dramatic training and had kind of learned about performance and acting from the various movies and television shows that she’d worked on.



Cornish cites British actor Gary Oldman as an inspiration.

“I’ve learned new skills at every gig. I’ve learned new things about myself. And I even learned new things by working with Gary Oldman.

“It’s like watching an acting god at work. You just learn from sitting there. There’s one thing on ‘RoboCop,’ I said to Gary if it’s okay to sit by the monitor while you do a scene. He said, “Yeah. Come along.” From that, I learned so much from him, because he is so professional. He is such a lovely human being. He is so well prepared and always bring his “A” game. It just warms your heart.

“I’ve been really lucky. I think I’ve been picky, but it’s great to have that payoff. It requires a little bit of patience and waiting for the next gig. I’ve always been really lucky with the projects and the people I’ve worked with. It’s been very rewarding and ‘The Girl’ was one of those projects for sure.

“The girl certainly changed my life and RoboCop was just like that. Jose Padhilla was one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. Gary Oldman and Joel Kinneman were so supportive. I’ve felt that I’ve been really lucky.”



When it comes to working on the remake of Robocop, Cornish revealed feelings of Nostalgia.

“To me, I felt very nostalgic. I grew up with that film. It was huge when I was a kid. I was five years old, but I would watch it on VHS with my brother a bunch of times. So I really wanted to do that movie. I’ve never had so much interest in any other movies that I’ve done.

“Everyone like from the ages of five and forty would say, ‘So you’re playing Mrs. RoboCop? You’re kidding me.’ So it was one of those pinch me moments for me. I’ve jumped around the room like a child when I got the role. Everyone around me was so happy me, because not only it is a remake of a great film—it has an incredible director and an incredible cast. It was just a wonderful gig to come our way. It ended up being one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film set.

“And I’ve actually think I’ve done some of my best work in this movie. You wouldn’t think about it for a multi-million dollar blockbuster film. I turned around and said, ‘I think I’ve done some of my best work in this film.’ It’s really surprising and you get to act alongside  people like Gary Oldman.

“I did a scene with Gary and I just wanted the day to go forever. It was all over and done with it in two hours. I said, ‘Awwww….’”

You can read the full version of this interview with Abbie Cornish here at Latino Review.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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