Carrie Fisher reprising her classic role as Princess Leia

Star Wars fans young and old alike will be happy to know that Carrie Fisher has confirmed to Palm Beach Illustrated, that her beloved character, Princess Leia will be appearing in the upcoming Episode VII, to be released by Disney.

The Star Wars franchise was purchased by Disney, and the company has confirmed that it will indeed be making the next three installments in the Star Wars Saga, Fisher has only confirmed her appearance in the first film of the newest trilogy at present.

Fisher, now 56, who starred as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan in the original three Star Wars movies, joked about her character’s current status in the Star Wars universe saying, “She’s in an intergalactic old folks’ home.

She continued on to say, “I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.

The famed Star Wars actress also added that Princess Leia would still potentially be fashioning her trade mark “bagel buns”, and jokingly said, “The bagel buns and the bikini, because probably she has Sundowners’ Syndrome. At sundown, she thinks that she’s 20-something. And she puts it on and gets institutionalized.”

While I have always enjoyed Ms. Fisher’s off the cuff remarks, the reprisal of her iconic role is for me good news and goes along with my prediction that the next trilogy of movies will at least partly deal with the Princess’s twin-brother, Master Skywalker’s life work of reinstating the Jedi Order and finally bringing balance to the Force. We should also potentially see another set of twins born to Leia and General Solo who may very well be students and/or members of the new Jedi Order.

I have faith that Disney will do this trilogy right and along with J.J. Abrams talented and life-long Geek-ishly informed (and I say this in the best way possible) vision, will also bring balance to the Star Wars franchise! Make it So!

Written By: Tye Bourdony

Tye Bourdony is a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator and science fiction reporter. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the staff Divorce Mediator and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine.  You can visit tye on facebook and

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