In Review: B.P.R.D. #105

The cover: A man stands before several stone monoliths in the snow that have strange carvings. One has fallen or was pushed over. Behind the monoliths is a radio tower broadcasting a signal. Behind this tower is a gigantic beast. A terrific visual summary of what’s inside by Dave Johnson. Overall grade: A

The story: After the previous two issues (Which you must track down and read!), we’re back in the present. And if you’ve been out of things for a while, like Abe Sapien, you’ll now be caught up. That’s right–ABE IS AWAKE! He sees the carnage going on around the world and then we’re back to Russia, where Agent Giarocco and Director Nichayko are having a conversation. The story then splits the two up and goes to the location seen on the cover. A great backstory is given to a major supporting character seen in several Hellboy books over the past few years. Near the story’s conclusion, one character says, “I think I’d rather not have heard that story.” Seeing the last page, and knowing what it means, I now realize that Mike Mignola and John Arcudi have only just begun Hell on Earth. Overall grade: A+

The art: Peter Snejbjerg does an okay job with the art: I liked the layout, the monsters, the backgrounds, and Abe looked amazing! I did not care for people’s faces in this book. There is no emotion ever in Giarocco’s face, and Nichayko has two expressions–mouth closed and mouth slightly open. Now the character who becomes the focus on the last four pages has lots of range, but I felt like I was looking at mannequins, not people. Overall grade: C+

The colors: Dave Stewart does his usual outstanding job, with my favorite pages being the final four. Overall grade: A

The letters: A good job is also done by Clem Robins. The more POOMS the better! Overall grade: A

The final line: Great story with average art. Overall grade: B

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