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Synopsis: Hal, Tom and Alex do battle with the Devil in order to save the world, but at what price to their own humanity?

Review: This is it then. The last detail. The finale and what a finale it is because by the time you have watched it. You’ll find yourself wanting to watch the whole series from beginning to end.

The acting performances from Michael Socha, Damien Molony and Kate Bracken were exceptional and the performance of Phil Davis as the Devil at times was magnificent. The devils commentary on human nature at times hit surprisingly close to home.

The episode starts off with a rather fun yet gory motif of Hal in full out vampire mode singing and swinging a cain to putting on the ritz while prepping his new army of freshly converted vampires, which is the perfect cue for Tom to come in and take them all down, but not before Alex can pop up and intervene.

And of course it is Alex who lets Hal and Tom know that the devil is loose. At which point they hatch a plan to try and stop him.

Meanwhile the Devil has turned to the Government in the form of Rook to help him get the word out to the masses in order to create further chaos and mayhem after having pretty much caused a mass suicide in Barry Barry in Wales. Of course Rook is helpless to resist.

When Hal, Tom and Alex finally catch up to old nick. They are tempted by the prospect of being able to live lives as if they had never been turned into Vampires, werewolves and ghosts, but it all seems to good to be true and they eventually all come to the realisation that they are better together than they are apart, which is something that Hal points out to the Devil.

The final battle between the three supernatural heroes and the devil is aided by Rook, but just when you think it is all over the battle moves to the home of our heroes, but in victory our heroes get a little more than they bargained for.

In terms of a series finale this is on a par with the Ashes to Ashes finale of last year and you will find yourself wanting to watch it again and again, but as stated above. You’ll find yourself wanting to watch the entire series again.

It will obviously not satisfy everybody, but I think fans of the series both old and new will truly enjoy how the show ends.

Score 5/5


Written By: Ian Cullen

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Ian Cullen is the owner of A wannabe musician. Ian is a legend in his own mind and when not working on the website host the hugely successful SFP-NOW Podcast he can be found skulking around empty corridors. A longtime fan of genre television and movies Ian was also a producer on the Reality On Demand web-series and has even been published in the official Star Trek Magazine.


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