In Review: Doctor Who: Prisoner of Time #3

The covers: A nice trio of covers for the third Doctor. The Regular cover is again by Francesco Francavilla. A serious looking Doctor stares forward as an unknown face floats behind him. This cover connects to the previous Regular covers. The RI A cover is by interior artist Mike Collins and features the Doctor, Sarah Jane, Liz Shaw, and the Brigadier. Terrific! But the best is the RI B cover which is a glorious black and white photo of Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning as the Doctor and Jo Grant. Outstanding! And could I ask Denton J. Tipton to make the credits on the covers brighter so old people like me could read them to know who to thank for the outstanding work; it’s really difficult to read white letter that are font size 1 on a white background. Overall grades: Regular A-, RI A A, and RI B A++++

The story: This installment by Scott & David Tipton opens with Sarah and the Doctor answering Liz’s summons for help since the Brig is acting irrationally. What the Doctor discovers on Page 5 is a classic Who scare! This leads to a race against time to save the Earth which involves a new gadget, a classic mode of transportation, the CIA, President Nixon, and a watery grave. This was a terrific addition to Pertwee’s adventures which hits every correct note, including having the Doctor’s classic thinking pose (Page 2). Overall grade: A

The art: Also hitting all the right notes is Mike Collins’s art. The Doctor makes a great entrance on Page 1, shows great shock atop Page 3, a wonderful gadget appears on Page 6, there’s a great Nixon, and a sweet last panel on the final page. And I don’t know if I should credit Collins or colorist Charlie Kirchof, but the background when the gadget is used is simply amazing! Now the villain of this issue was too closely related to a Hutt, but ther rest of the book was so good I could let it pass. Overall grade: A

The colors: Bright, bold colors by Charlie Kirchof make every image in this book pop! Highlights include the Doctor’s cloak, the trim on his jacket, the wonderful background when the gadget is employed, and the radiant blues on Pages 20 and 21. Outstanding! Overall grade: A+

The letters: Dialogue and terrific sound effects from Tom B. Long. It’s hard not to like a book that goes “WEEEOOO” often. Overall grade: A+

The final line: Great fun in every way that will wisk you back to the 1970′s. Overall grade: A

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