In Review: Green Lantern #18

The cover: Hal and Sinestro have their powers back and are fighting against the deceased because they’re “Trapped in the Land of Death!”, while Volthoom watches on. Great image by Gary Frank & Alex Sinclair. The coloring really sells this cover! I should mention that this is hyped on the cover as being the next chapter in the “Wrath of the First Lantern” saga, it has only line to do with it, and Volthoom does not appear. Overall grade: A+

The story: Great title this time–”Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me!” The majority of the issue is set in the “Realm of the Dead”. After teasing for what has seemed like eternity, Geoff Johns shows us what’s going on with Hal and Sinestro now that Simon Baz has joined them. What follows are some great scenes between all three characters, with Sinestro again being a scene stealer with his arrogance. Page 8 reveals an unexpected–or was it expected?–use for Simon’s gun. Two get out of this realm, leaving one’s fate uncertain. Many, many great moments–at last!–for this flagship title. Overall grade: A

The art: Two specific art teams this issue. Szymon Kudranski on the main sequence and Ardian Syaf (pencils) and Mark Irwin (inks) on two pages set in the “Chamber of Shadows.” The 18 pages in the “Dead Zone” are gorgeous. Kudranski’s work looks like Alex Ross at his most threatening. Sinestro is fantastic in every panel, and Page 11, panel three, is a delight! Syaf only gets two pages set in the real world and he and Irwin do a good job, it’s just not as showy as Kudranski’s work. Out-flippin’-standing! Overall grade: A+

The colors: Two colorists as well this go-around; Alex Sinclair in the “Dead Zone” and Tony Avina in the “Chamber of Shadows.” Both do a great job, with Sinclair doing the better due to his subject matter. Overall grade: A

The letters: Five sound effects, dialogue, and narration nicely done by Dave Sharpe. Overall grade: A

The final line: I’m so happy to say, after several months, this is a great comic! Overall grade: A

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