In Review: Hellboy in Hell #4

The cover: Floating in a maisma of giant cuttlefish, our hero appears to be enduring the moment, bracing for his next obstacle. Image by Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart. The coloring is too dull, and I almost missed puchasing this because it faded so much into the books around it. Overall grade: B

The story: Mike Mignola opens this issue with Hellboy in the Abyss, only to be pulled out by his guide from a previous issue. His savior’s identity is revealed on Page 5 and it had me screaming! We get the backstory of this famous supporting character and how this individual ended up in Hell. The two characters part and a third begins to speak, giving some information on the “savior”. Wheels within wheels that you can’t stop reading. Overall grade: A

The art: Artistically, this has been my favorite issue so far. Again, new locations in Hell are encountered (I poured over every image in every panel, seeing if there were any hints that could foreshadow anything) and a good deal of the story is set on Earth in a particular time that always looks fantastic when drawn by Mike Mignola. Overall grade: A+

The colors: Magical runes light up in their own colors, candles barely brighten scenes, and when evil is present red and oranges gloriously explode, thanks to Dave Stewart. Overall grade: A

The letters: Good dialogue and narration from Clem Robins, though I’m willing to bet that Mignola provided the sound effect onto his own art. Overall grade: A

The final line: Is he dead, or merely moving toward some unknown climax? I don’t know, but where Hellboy goes I’ll follow! Overall grade: A

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