In Review: Legion of Super-Heroes #18

The cover: “Disaster at Legion HQ!” is an understatement for what’s going on this issue. Dream Girl reaches out to Brainiac 5 as he falls off into an abyss. Terrific action cover by Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish with Hi-Fi. Overall grade: A

The story: The “storytellers” for this issue are Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen who provide us with “Home’s End”. Legion headquarters is partially destroyed, though it fared better than the rest of Metropolis. Harmonia and Dragonwing are trying to calm down an angry mob, but a reporter isn’t helping things. We then go above the Earth where some legionnaires have their hands full; the same is true on Rimbor. In unknown space, the Promethean Giant continues to stir, causing more mayhem for those trapped on its surface. And back at crumbling Legion HQ another legionnaire dies? How much can our heroes endure? This was heart-wrenching awesomeness! Overall grade: A+

The art: What the heck? Last issue featured the incredible Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish on the art and they’re already out? And what a startling contrasts of style this issue with Tom Derencik and Scott Kolins in their eight and twelve pages, respectively. Derenick’s art is slick and powerfull, while Kolins’s has our heroes stretched and anorexic. His work looks much better on the Larfleeze story now in Threshold than in this book. I’m cashing my Christmas wish now, in March: I don’t want Scott Kolins to draw Legion in this style ever again. This art was a huge let down after Derenick. Overall grade: C+

The colors: Javier Mena is on fire this issue, especially on Page 1 (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Not only in settings does he excel, but in characters’ faces: that Tasmia close-up was stellar! And when Glorith uses her powers it is magical! When Kolins becomes the penciller the colors become lighter, almost day-glow, which took me out of the previous eight pages. Overall grade: A-

The letters: “FWEEEEW”, “BLIP”, and “KATHOOOM” were great sounds from Dezi Sienty, who also provided solid dialogue, though I think the sound most fans will remember is Page 18′s “WHAMM”–so painful! Overall grade: A+

The final line: Love the story, but really mixed on the art. Overall grade: B

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