In Review: Sword and Sorcery #6

The cover: Amy looks on in shock as a perfectly smug John Constantine wields the Black Diamond. If you’re a long time DC reader, the shape of that jewel will tell you who the book’s big baddie is. Another gorgeous art job from Aaron Lopresti colored by Hi-fi. Overall grade: A

The story: The Amethyst chapter is titled “Devil’s Bargain” and is written by Christy Marx. Preet, the thief from last issue, is showing his cat Fuzzybutt (How could you not like that name for a cat?) how he can change his image, but his supply of turquoise is running out. Thankfully, he know more is stored in House Tourquoise, where Amy is learning about crystal lattices. These two meet and there’s an awkward moment that could foreshadow things to come (Page 9, panel five). Delightful as this pair is together, they are going to have to become quick allies due to the hellacious villain that Constantine sends their way, reaffirming Constantine to be the world’s biggest <CENSORED>. This antagonist that’s delivered to Amy’s world kicks up the appeal of this story immensely! Stalker’s penultimate chapter is titled “Cornered” by Marc Anoreyko. Clarrisa has delivered her baby and died, so it’s up to the title character to save his descendant. He recruits an assistant and makes ready for Lucifer’s arrival. This is a by the numbers thriller. Overall grades: Amethyst A+ and Stalker C-

The art: I hope someone is tying Amethyst artist Aaron Lopresti to the ground with all the compliments he must be getting for this book’s art. Page 2 is a gorgeous splash to introduce readers to this setting. Amy looks amazing on every page! Constantine is also impressive and this issue’s villain is fantastically freakish. The carange and chaos this character creates is nothing short of awesome. You can almost hear him as he slinks into a panel. Stalker‘s art by Anorei Bressan looked better to me this time around. His Lucifer revealed on Page 2 was really scary and I liked the spell at the bottom of the same page. I also liked Page 8; hipster casting looks cool! In fact, all the spell casting was really good. I’d like to see Bressan try his hand at a Dr. Fate story at some point. Page 10 was the perfect image and perspective to end this chapter. Again, really good job! Overall grades: Amethyst A+ and Stalker A-

The colors: Hi-Fi does Amethyst, while Chris Sotomayor Stalker. Amethyst is goregeous (Yes, I know, I’m overusing this adjective, but I’m not wrong!) and Stalker is also good. I’d like to see what Sotomayor does with a daytime scene. Overall grades: Amethyst A+ and Stalker B

The letters: Great job by Rob Leigh on Amethyst, especially on the villain’s font–perfection! Equally good job by Travis Lanham on Stalker, who wasn’t given near enough room for the story’s credits! The best sound effect was Lanham’s “FWOOSH”–Great! Overall grades: Both A+

The final line: Amethyst is amazing, Stalker‘s story so-so, but it’s good art. Overall grade: B

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