In Review: Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #23

The covers: A pair that should be easy to chase down, and some variants that didn’t come with my copy are also available. One of the Main covers is by Paul Renaud with our favorite princess reclined on a pillow with her purple cape flowing around her. Red curtains are pulled open revealing a Barsoomian night. Great! Fabiano Neves shows Dejah sporting her daggers to attack an unseen antagonist. Also nice! Overall grades: Renaud A and Neves B+

The story: In the city of Yorn, Tash Lis has assumed the throne after the (possible) death of her father. She’s not happy to be leading her people, and neither is someone else as an attempt is made on her life. Kantos Kan and Dejah are called in to keep this “young and ill mannered” leader alive. This is a standard premise in fiction and it’s a by-the-numbers story. Tash is a pain in the tush, Dejah tries to teach her, some more attempts are made on her life, they evade the killers, and are separated from society where this new leader has to grow up or die. I’ve read this story a zillion times and this was just more of the same. An unoriginal story from Robert Place Napton. Overall grade: C

The art: The visuals by Debora Carita don’t help much. The crowd scenes are good, and the emotions Carita places on her characters’ faces are also really good, but the posture of our performers just isn’t working. Examples? Page 3, panel two; Page 5, panel four (Dejah has Steve Ditko hand!); and Pages 8 and 9 are just awful. I’ve said enough. The parts that work, work well, while those that don’t, really don’t! Overall grade: C-

The colors: I did like Carlos Lopez’s contributions to this book. This was a bright book and it made me feel like I was in another world. The royal purples and the red skins against the cool stonework and the green metals was really sweet! Overall grade: A+

The letters: I love all the sound effects in this book. There are lots of them and are need in this story. They add to the experience immensely! Plus there’s solid dialogue and narration. All from Mr. Marshall Dillon. Overall grade: A+

The final line: Average story and art make for an average adventure. Overall grade: C+

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