Mendes has chose not to return for Bond 24



Director Sam Mendes, who did a brilliant job with the twenty third James Bond movie Skyfall has elected not to return for Bond 24.

In Skyfall the Oscar-winning American Beauty filmmaker was behind what has become the most successful film in the Bond franchise. So it was understandable that producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson wanted him to return, but unfortunately Mendes has turned down their offer in order to focus on some upcoming theatre projects.

“It has been a very difficult decision not to accept Michael and Barbara’s very generous offer to direct the next Bond movie,” Mendes told Empire.

“Directing Skyfall was one of the best experiences of my professional life, but I have theatre and other commitments, including productions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and King Lear, that need my complete focus over the next year and beyond.”

He continued: “I feel very honoured to have been part of the Bond family and very much hope I have a chance to work with them again sometime in the future.”

Thankfully there haven’t been any hard feelings about Mendes decision from Broccoli and Wilson. In fact both commented on how great it was to work with him and it would seem they’d be more than willing to have Mendes return at some later date.

Skyfall screenwriter John Logan is currently working on a script for Bond 24, with Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes all due to return.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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