Sylvester McCoy claims to know nothing about ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary



There have been multiple reports about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode including all 11 incarnations of the Doctor, but to date none of the actors have come forward to confirm these reports and producer and head writer Steven Moffat hasn’t really mentioned anything about a multi Doctor Story either.

In recent weeks we’ve seen Peter Davison admit that he has pending talks with the BBC about Doctor Who, but he was unsure about it being for the 50th Anniversary episode, which is scheduled to begin production soon. But he did reveal his thoughts and said that if they were to do a multi Doctor story with the classic series actors. It would likely use old footage, which would be placed into the episode much like was done with the 30th Anniversary Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Trials and Tribblations and of course before that Forest Gump.

In a recent development Sylvester McCoy, who played the seventh Doctor has come forth and told IGN that he knows nothing and also revealed that the other three surviving Classic series Doctor’s hadn’t heard anything either.

“[I've heard] nothing. Niet. Zilch,” McCoy commented.

He continued: “The other day I was with Tom Baker, Peter [Davison], and Colin [Baker] – the 20th century Who-ers – and Tom asked, ‘Well, little man, have you heard anything?’ and I told him, ‘No, I haven’t heard anything’. So none of us have heard anything.”

So it would seem that there isn’t really any official or unofficial confirmation that all the Doctors will be in the Anniversary special, but at least we have the Big Finish audio celebration series to look forward to, which will see McCoy, Davison, Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Eighth Doctor actor Paul McGann return for one big audio adventure.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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