In Review: Legion of Super-Heroes #19

The cover: Element Lad, Cosmic Boy, Shrinking Violet, and Lightning Lass are being blown through space by some unknown force until you open the fold-out cover to reveal a Kirby-esque Emerald Empress frying Lightning Lad. This image is by J.J. Kirby, a name I’ve never come across. I’m not thrilled with Element Lad or Lightning Lass’s faces: they look like Elfquest characters. The layout is good but I don’t care for the individual likenesses. Overall grade: C

The story: This issue starts with a lot of destruction as the new Emerald Empress wrecks chaos on Weber’s World. The ominously titled “World’s End” is by Paul Levitz (with a nod to Keith Giffen, Consulting Destructionist) and focused on this location as some legionaires arrive to stop her, but stops are also made with a small group of our heroes on the Promethean Giant, the Sorcerer’s World, and what the rest of the Fatal Five is up to. This is a perfect Legion story: tons of action, teamwork, loss (?!?!?), awesome villains, and one hell of a tease for next issue. This is why comic books are created! Overall grade: A+

The art: Scott Kolins & Jeff Johnson each do half of this book. All of Kolins’ Emerald Empress pages are amazing. However, on Page 6 things look terrible. This doesn’t even look like the same artist drew this page. It’s a rush job of speed lines, where anything could be happening. Things improve considerably after this, but this one page is an utter fiasco. The final ten pages by Johnson fare better and look like art from an animated cartoon. As with Kolins, Johnson’s scenes on Weber’s World look the best. Overall grade: B

The colors: Three gentlemen had to complete this issue (What the heck is going on with this book?) and they are Javier Mena, Matt Yackey & Pete Pantazis. I don’t know who’s responsible for which pages, but every scene on Weber’s World looks particularly good. Overall grade: A

The letters: A fantastic array of sound effects from Taylor Esposito in addition to a lot of dialogue that never overwhelms the art. Overall grade: A+

The final line: Glorious read with okay visuals. Overall grade: A-

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