IN REVIEW: “A Nice Collection Of Great Composers All For Ridley Scott Films!”

Ridley Scott has done many films, like; BLADE RUNNER, GLADIATOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN, LEGEND, ALIEN, MATCHSTICK MEN and so many more. Each of these films have specific memories for every audience who has seen them, and the music behind them all is a driving force of timing, continuity and the expression of passion and feelings.

In an interview with Wired magazine he once said, “Music is dialogue. And sometimes music is the final, finished, additional dialogue. Music can be one of the final characters in the film. That’s why people say you shouldn’t note the film score. That is complete bullshit. If the film score is working absolutely great, you will probably find that the film is working brilliantly and is probably being elevated by good score.”

This CD has so many wonderful musical moments, I decided to list the track, the film name, the length of time of each cue, the composer and what it means to me.

1. The Duellists – Main Title 2:57, Music By Howard Blake, Performed by the Sinfonia of London

Amazingly beautiful and full of gentle passion. Blake knows how to tug at you inside and out.

2. Alien – End Credit 2:47, Music By Jerry Goldsmith Performed by the Czech Symphony Orchestra. Again the Master Jerry Goldsmith works his magic to that iconic theme that is sprinkled throughout the film franchise.

3. Blade Runner – Love Theme 5:07, Music By Vangelis – Saxophone: Paul Frederick

Why is it that the saxophone evokes such passion and desire, especially when played from the compositions of Vangelis. This has always been one of my favorite scores.

4. Legend – Princess Lily 6:07, Music By Jerry Goldsmith, Performed by Katie Campbell.

Taken for the original European score by the Master Jerry Goldsmith himself, this is a soft and sweet track that will make you hum along. Here with Jerry’s famous string arrangements and a soft and enchanting vocal – this was something missed in the American release of the film.

Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis and George Gershwin.

5. Legend – The Unicorn Theme 4:50, Music By Tangerine Dream. Here is the American release of the score and Tangerine Dream makes the surprise and visuals of a Unicorn seem so very majestic.

6. Someone To Watch Over Me – Title Song 3:23, Music and Lyrics By George Gershwin, Performed by Heather Donavon. This is just a fun and fantastic vocal performance of a Gershwin classic.

7. Black Rain – Charlie’s Badge 3:17, Music By Hans Zimmer. One of my favorite Zimmer scores because of its rhythmic tension it creates and is a quite memorable theme for a feature film.

8. Thelma and Louise – Thunderbird 2:50, Music By Hans Zimmer. Zimmer performs his magic again as you feel the subtle regress of two women who see no way to end their troubles, except by taking one big leap.

9. 1492: Conquest of Paradise – Main Title 4:39, Music By Vangelis. Vangelis take a theme and combines it with a melody and melodic accompaniment and creates a powerful, and memorable, piece of music!

10. White Squall – Lifeboats 3:33, Music By Jeff Rona. Simple and sweet. You be the judge.

11. G.I. Jane – Endurance 3:10, Music By Trevor Jones. Trevor Jones puts a lot of confidence and grandeur in the most subtlest of themes. This is one of his more enchanting and powerful ones.

12. Gladiator – The Battle 4:10, Music by Hans Zimmer. Zimmer takes this one on with full emphasis on the preparation and mediation of an oncoming battle may make you feel like inside as you prepare. And then in you go….to battle!

13. Gladiator – Now We Are Free 4:13, Music By Hans Zimmer, Vocals: Katie Campbell. A nice vocal tribute to freedom and what it feels like in the Zimmer composes this vocal to express the inner emotions of slave being freed.

14. Hannibal – Dear Clarice 4:11, Music By Hans Zimmer. Haunting and uplifting and still soft with little or anticipation of how you feel listening to this piece as Clarice enters the room.

15. Hannibal – Vide Cor Meum 4:00, Music By Patrick Cassidy, Vocals: Nandani Sinha, Timothy Gonzales.  This cue is reverend and very solemn with vocals that might put a small chill in your spine. This is just a beautiful piece to listen to.

16.Black Hawk Down – Leave No Man Behind 5:07, Music By Hans Zimmer. This cue has a lovely piano and strings that evoke a feeling of compassion and heart that again Zimmer does oh so well.

17. Black Hawk Down – Minstrel Boy 4:53, Music By Hans Zimmer, Performed by: Brian “Hacksaw” Williams. Now this is a a wonderful tribute and song to those who served in the forces because it speaks of music, passion and unity, again Zimmer does extremely well at tugging at your heart strings.

18. Kingdom of Heaven – Burning The Past 2:40, Music By Harry Gregson-Williams.  This one is very melodic, powerful and extremely angelic. Gregson-Williams will put a chill in you when you here this piece.

19. Robin Hood – Fate Has Smiled Upon Us 1:57, Music By Marc Streitenfeld. Cheerful, bright and hopful is this cut from a proud movie about a proud character we all know and love.

20. Prometheus – Collision 2:52, Music By Marc Streitenfeld.  Steitenfeld does a haunting score with this piece evoking danger, excitement and a feeling of foreboding.

A truly wonderful collection that is masterfully orchestrated to give you a wide sample of Ridley’s emotional strings that he weaves into his projects, ones that you’ll remember even after the imagery has gone. Each track a tribute to the composers and a representation of some wonderful films. You can find this on Amazon.

Written by Lorenzo Marchessi


Based in Hollywood, CA – Lorenzo Marchessi is a Sci-Fi Geek and has written for Starlog Magazine, Doctor Who Drives,,,  and – (Just type in my name in the search window.) He has worked on Film and TV projects like ‘Back To The Future’, ‘Beauty & The Beast’, ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Star Trek:TNG’. He is also a Film, TV and Theatre director as well. He is now creating the ‘go to’ website for all ‘Sci Fi Geeks’ and more’ which is still under construction and will be unveiled soon! You can contact him at !

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