BBC Issue Statement over missing ‘Doctor Who’ episodes rumor



Last week we reported on a rumor, which stated that a lot of the missing Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s had been found by an eccentric engineer in Africa.

The rumor said that episodes such as Dalek Master Plan as well as the missing episodes of William Hartnell’s final adventure ‘The Tenth Planet’ were among the episodes that had turned up.

According to the BBC rumor was all this was.

In fact the rumor had taken on such a life of its own that the BBC has released a statement about it.

Philip Fleming, the Head of Communications, Brands, Content & Digital at BBC Worldwide, said:

There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered. However, we cannot confirm any new finds.

As a follow up to the above statement the Radio Times queried what exactly the BBC meant by saying that it could not confirm any new finds, to which a BBC spokeswoman said: “We can’t confirm because it’s not true as far as I’m aware.” Pressed further about whether or not the BBC was in talks with people about episodes, she said: “I don’t think so”, while to the question “So there are no episodes?” she responded: “Not as far as we know.”

Following on from the discoveries of Galaxy 4 episode Air Lock and The Underwater Menace episode 2 in 2011, hopes have been high in fandom that more missing episodes are out there.

(Via Doctor Who News)


Written By: Ian Cullen

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