Chewbacca finally awarded Medal of Yavin

Many a sentient throughout the galaxy in both Republic and Federation space will remember the day that the Empire was dealt the first in a series of crushing blows, which would ultimately bring an end to its tyrannical reign. The fateful day when Master Skywalker of the New Jedi Order, along with General Solo and his trusted first Officer Chewbacca of Kashyyyk, destroyed the first and fully functional Death Star above the fourth moon of Yavin Prime.

It was a day that will not be forgotten for countless worlds, but what is not openly spoken of is the blatant disregard and species discrimination, with which the greatest living Wookiee, Chewbacca; was treated that day! It is no secret that the young and soon to be Jedi, Luke Skywalker, along with the scoundrel and former smuggler Han Solo, were happily given one of the New Republic’s highest accolades, while  the non-human and overlooked subspecies-sentient Wookiee was given little more than a thank you.

However, other voices say that rather than Chewbacca being the brunt of an overtly species discriminatory Rebellion leadership, the truth is actually much more simple and was quite frankly embarrassing to the then young Rebellion. The other truth not spoken of centers around, Voren Na’ al, at the time; a young rebel officer who was guilty of being nothing more than a clumsy and slightly hung-over medal bearer who unintentionally, dropped Chewbacca’s medal into a crack in the Massissi temple floor prior to it being handed to Princess Leah. Na’al has since been trying to undue the pain and damage suffered to his reputation and career for decades, simply for having one too many Romulan Ales the night before the great award ceremony of Yavin Four.

This truth was revealed to Sci Fi Pulse’s Alpha Quadrant content editor Tye Bourdony, while off planet during the last solar cycle, as he came across a Ferengi merchant who offered reliable information regarding the medal bearer Voren Na’ al and his role in the then pending post Medal of Yavin award ceremony which was taking place on Babylon Five a mere seven solar days later.

After being intrigued and investigating further, it was revealed that Chewbacca, first mate to General Solo and hero of the Rebellion had indeed been invited to Babylon Five by long-time supporter and fan, future Emperor of the Centauri Republic, Londo Mollari. Ambassador Mollari it seems had recently come into possession of the original Medal of Yavin, which was intended for Chewbacca and after an exhaustive intergalactic diplomatic effort to have the Medal officially bestowed on Chewbacca, Captain John Sheridan of the Earth Alliance and Commander of Babylon Five was more than willing to buck the powers that be and give galactic credit where intergalactic credit was due!

After having witnessed the amazing ceremony in which many delegates from across the galaxy gathered in order to pay homage to the very deserving Chewbacca, what was most interesting was the fact that, Mr. Voren Na’ al, having long since become a Federation citizen in order to escape persecution, was on hand to personally bestow the medal on Chewbacca!

Although, things did not go entirely according to plan, as the new ribbon placed on the original medal was far too short to fit around Chewbacca’s large neck. But this in no way stopped the ceremony from moving forward as all in attendance laughed along with a visibly delighted Chewbacca as he was finally able to wear his Medal of Yavin proudly in public, even if it was on top of his head!

It was with great pleasure that the Galactic Enquirer was able to not only witness this event, but also catch up with Voren Na’ al, shortly after the  medal was awarded to the well deserving Wookiee. What is perhaps also worth mentioning the most is that the once proud rebel officer was forced to travel back in time with the help of his friend, the 4th incarnation of Doctor Who,  in an effort to blend into old Earth society and run from his rebellious past, while also living under the assumed Terran name of Derek Lyons. But now, after having had the opportunity to not only travel back to the present, but also bestow the actual Medal of Yavin on Chewbacca, Derek Lyons has once again decided to stay in the present to start his life again and begin using his real name of Voren Na’ al, without shame or fear of Wookiee reprisal!

On the way back from Babylon Five and on board the Federation starship Enterprise D, Tye Bourdony was actually able to catch up with Mr. Voren Na’ al and ask him a few questions.

Tye: Can you confirm that indeed the medal was handed to you during the Yavin ceremony and you inadvertently dropped it and it in turn fell into a crack in the Massassi Temple floor?

Yes I was the keeper of all the MEDAL’S OF YAVIN. They were locked in a secret vault beneath the Massassi Temple. I was indeed given this great honor by the Federation council and on that very special morning, I was more than still a little tipsy after drinking with General Dodonna the entire night before! So I did indeed drop the Medal from the special case as it was being handed to me.”

Tye: Is it true that on that day, as Chewbacca complained upon you dropping his medal, the assembled rebels mistakenly took this as their collective que to turn all at once. Not wanting to interrupt or stop the ceremony, the assembled Rebellion leaders decided to press on and did in fact not then present Chewbacca with his medal?

Yes that’s very true, we had all planned to indeed award Chewbacca with a medal and as time was against us and Han Solo and Chewie were supposed to then fly to the Red Dwarf system of Planets on a previous engagement, which I think is a nice way of saying, they needed get back to the smuggling of contraband.”

Tye: The Ferengi merchant I spoke to indicated that upon hearing the story from Ambassador Mollari on Babylon 5, who has for years been an advocate of bestowing the well-deserved medal upon Chewbacca; he then traveled to Yavin 4 and retrieved the original medal from the crack via transporter. Can you confirm this as well?

Well my first inclination is never trust a Ferengi!! But in this case, yes I believe that is actually correct for once!

Tye: What is unclear is how exactly you were involved and were able to bestow the medal on the wookiee? Another source on Caprica has informed me that for years you have also attempted to get the true story out, but New Republic politics have never really allowed it. Can you confirm this, and why was there no representative from the New Republic or New Jedi Order in attendance? Do you have any idea why this has been the case?

Well yes, it is true that the Jedi Order had rather pointedly told me to keep it quiet for all these years. To be honest, it’s really all too political to get into right now and I would just as soon say nothing in this regard, sorry!”

Tye: Can you describe the mood on Babylon 5 after the award was given to Chewbacca? Also did you get a chance to chat with Chewbacca before or afterwards and what were his feelings on finally getting his well-deserved medal? And did you speak Shyriiwook (the Wookiee language) with him or did you use a translator Droid?

The mood was wonderful as ever, Chewie and I talked openly in his language as C3PO taught me to speak Shyriiwook many yearen ago. Chewie was crying with tears of joy at finally been awarded this wonderful Medal as one of the Heroes of Yavin 4! We had some ‘Chewbaccian’ Wine which his family makes and everyone really had a beautiful time. I would not change a minute and I am so sorry it took so long.”

Thanks so much for this Derek or shall I say, Voren Na’ al as you have now been vindicated in the eyes of the Intergalactic community. Sci Fi Pulse and the Galactic Enquirer is extremely proud to have broken this story and even more happy to be able to finally reveal the truth about this to the Galaxy!

Written By: Tye Bourdony

Tye Bourdony is a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator, deep space traveler, lead interstellar reporter for the Galactic Enquirer and the U.S. based content editor for Sci Fi Pulse. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the staff Divorce Mediator and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine.  You can visit Tye on facebook and at or send him your thoughts and story/article ideas to

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