In Review: Vampirella #30

The covers: Three to fawn over this month! First up is Paul Renaud’s featuring Vampirella on a swing in a teal forest where creatures watch her actions. All I can think of is “cute!” Fabiano Neves’ cover has Vampy proudly walking through a cemetery holding her cape out. Okay, but nothing great. Comes off as a “filler” cover. Lucio Parrillo has our vampire sitting almost in waist deep blood, holding down her victim, while five hooks on wires pull at her skin. Clive Barker’s Hellraiser meets Vampirella! Does it cross the line? I can tell you it’s more intense than the actual book it’s on! Overall grades: Renaud A, Neves B-, and Parrillo A-

The story: This wild story is starting to wind down, with this being the penultimate chapter. Writer Brandon Jerwa opens his tale one hundred years in the future. Vampirella and Thomas Crisswell are being pursued by a ship and decide to jump from a building to escape; after all, Vampirella has wings and can fly. For some reason, her wings aren’t working, so she has to use her body as a shock absorber to cushion Thomas’ fall. The pair end up in the dwelling of a classic Hanna-Barbera series and then “stuff” happens. This book goes everywhere: the future, the present, Kansas, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s got demons, family angst, giant rabbits, reanimation, and the revelation on Page 18 why all this is occurring. And Page 11 has the inclusion of a terrific friend! This is an insane story that I’ve completely fallen for. You’ll either love it or hate it, but I’m in the former for sure! And let me add, please don’t do drugs and read this book unless you want your head to explode! Overall grade: A

The art: Terrific art by Patrick Berkenkotter who has created the best classic sci-fi style I’ve seen in years! Wally Wood would be proud! Just looking at the first five pages I feel like I’m a kid again, and I couldn’t get the maniac grin off my face from Pages 4 and 5. The present is equally well drawn, and Grigory steals every panel he’s in. The reveal on Page 11 had me stammering, as did 17–Love the electricity seeping out of him in panels two and three. The final fight scene was well executed, and the last panel of the book is the right tease for the conclusion of this story. This is great! Overall grade: A

The colors: Josan Gonzalez is aces in this issue! The pastels of the future were perfection. I’m so glad Gonzalez didn’t do this for the entire book, instead going with darker colors beginning on Page 19, to give a nice dusk and enhance the energy of the situation. Overall grade: A

The letters: Good job by Marshall Dillon on every page. I’m a sucker for a good VEP or WUB. Overall grade: A

The final line: Insanity spills from every page at a breakneck pace. If you breathe you might miss something. Vampirella in the future is fun! Overall grade: A


Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comics Buyers Guide for a few years with “It’s Bound to Happen!” He had to give that up to teach 8th graders English for 19 years, and only recently has been teaching 9th graders English. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars or Indiana Jones items online.

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