‘Knight Rider’ movie is once more in the works



A few years back before the ill fated NBC reboot of Knight Rider. One of the things that we here at scifipulse found ourselves doing fairly regular reports on was a plan by David Hasslehoff and Glen A. Larson to produce a new Knight Rider movie.

These plans wound up being put on the back burner when NBC went forward with their next generation approach in the short lived rebooted Knight Rider series, which starred Justin Bruening and saw Hasslehoff make a brief appearance in the pilot episode.

Now it seems the plans for a Knight Rider movie are back on.

Yesterday The LA Times revealed that plans for a Knight Rider movie are getting closer to fruition.

The popular 80s series starred David Hasslehoff as Michael Knight and turned the actor into a household name. The planned movie is gaining some momentum, with the Weinstein Co., which owns feature rights, bringing on filmmaker Brad Copeland to write a draft of the script, according to a person familiar with the production who was not authorized to talk about it publicly.

Copeland is perhaps best known for having written the 2007 hit ‘Wild Hogs’ and he also wrote on the ‘Arrested Development’ TV series and has been attached to reboots of other TV mainstays, including ‘Gilligan’s Island.’ His feature directorial debut, an indie R-rated comedy titled ‘Coffee Town,’ is hitting day-and-date next month.

This new Knight Rider movie is being conceived with a higher quotient of action and a much bigger budget than is typical for Weinstein’s typical prestige fare. The company acquired the rights from Glen Larson, the prolific creator of many a TV action series, including the hit NBC show about Michael Knight and his supercharged Trans Am. David Hasslehoff, who of course played Knight in the original ‘Knight Rider,’ has been making noise about wanting to be a part of the new movie.

Although the 2008 television series got axed after just 17 episodes. It is believed that there is a much better market place for Knight Rider in the realm of cinema. And with the sixth Fast and Furious movie taking $645 million at the world wide box office. It is believed that a film about a super car will fly better in cinema.

The trick for writer Copeland will be how to how to craft a new car (the show’s KITT was renowned for its ability to talk) in an era when much of what KITT could do can be handled by Siri or a garden-variety iPhone. Certainly, though, he’ll bring one asset the original series didn’t exactly have in spades: Copeland has a deep background in comedy.

A Weinstein Co. spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment.


Written By: Ian Cullen

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