Who else thiniks Its time the Doctor got syndicated?

Will another channel other than BBC America give people the chance to become fans of Doctor Who? The series has enough episodes now, including the specials, to go into syndication. And if for some reason it is not enough, then season eight of the current series will pass the 100 episode benchmark for a channel to air reruns. But it is surprising that no American TV station or network other than BBC America has stepped up already. So what is the hold up then? It is the longest running TV series in history and will mark its 50th Anniversary on the 23rd of November 2013.

It is becoming harder to not notice how popular Doctor Who is becoming isn’t it!? All I need to do is walk around somewhere in a Doctor Who themed shirt and I’ll find a fan who will take notice. Even book stores are carrying more and more Doctor Who related merchandise. Location shoots for the seventh season in New York attracted many fans, surprising even the cast and crew. Doctor Who cosplay, art, and merchandise are also increasing in number at conventions throughout the country, so what’s the hold up?

The latest iteration of Doctor Who began airing in the U.S. back in 2007 on what was then the Scifi Channel with Christopher Eccleston starring as the Doctor. With growing ratings, SciFi continued airing Doctor Who through the David Tennant years and into Matt Smith’s tenure as The Doctor. For reasons that I am sure made good business sense, SciFi, now re-branded as SyFy, gave up its rights to Doctor Who. BBC America now enjoys the ratings that come with the continuing adventures of The Doctor and his companions. I’m no business expert of any kind so I can’t make the kind of judgment call a network executive has to make on which program will air, but personally I would view a show with a strong, loyal, and growing fan base as an attractive option. Maybe SyFy will bring back more Sci-Fi and air Doctor Who in syndication. If not, there are plenty of other options for this fantastic series.

Currently, the only place to get episodes from previous seasons is Netflix or if you are lucky enough, your local library system will carry the series. It’s worth mentioning that no U.S. channel airs any series, new or re-run, that takes place in space. Ironically, BBC America is the only channel that airs Star Trek: The Next Generation. Figure that one out!?

Written By: Victor Hernandez

Victor is a graduate of San Antonio College with a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. He served nine years in the Army, U.S. Army Reserve, and National Guard in electronic warfare and served one year in Iraq as an interrogator. Victor lives with his wife and cats in Texas, writes for his own blog, www.otherdimensionsandgalaxies.blogspot.com and writes for Sci Fi Pulse.

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