Will ‘Doctor Who’ have more than a TV special lined up for 50th Celebration


Doctor Who fans were hoping for a lot from the BBC in regards to the 50th anniversary of the UKs top rated scifi series, but thus far the BBC has fallen well short of fan expectations with a half a season that was shot last year. A one hour special, which is to air in November and the Adventure In Time And Space making-of-the-first-episode drama.

And of course lets not forget the special 50th anniversary convention.

But according to a report from bleedingcool.com there could be much more than this ahead for the fan base.

The website has let loose with a fairly detailed report on a few rumors that have been long circulating, but never with any concrete certainty.

Apparently it might not be just the one of special episode we’ll be getting, but we could be seeing a whole host of episodes as part of the celebrations.

Its a well known fact that the BBC in their divine wisdom destroyed and lost a great many of the earlier Doctor Who serials in the 1960s. And over the years a few have turned up, but a whole lot remain lost.

According to Bleeding Cool’s source many of these episodes have resurfaced and somehow the BBC has managed to keep it quiet.

Promises of this kind have been made before. Sometimes they have come true and other times they have not.

Apparently an eccentric engineer who worked for broadcasters across Africa with a taste for science fiction and a habit of taking things for “safe keeping”, is that the BBC have secured a large number of presumed-wiped episodes of early Doctor Who.

This find allegedly includes lots and lots of episodes and could well include the few missing William Hartnell episodes.

One of the serials, which has allegedly surfaced is the legendary Evil Of The Daleks from 1967. Up till now, the BBC only had the second of seven episodes, after that film was found in a car boot sale.



But also supposedly found is a complete version of ‘The Tenth Planet,’ which was the final William Hartnell adventure, which gave us the Doctors first ever regeneration. According to the site the new Renerations box set that is due for release later this month is said to be a red herring, and instead of the animated subbed episodes we have been seeing footage of. It is believed to include the complete version of ‘The Tenth Planet,’ which hasn’t been seen anywhere since its initial transmission back in 1966.

For now I’d take this rumor with a pinch of salt, but having pre – ordered the Regenerations boxed set. You can bet that I will be keeping my fingers crossed to see the completed version of ‘Tenth Planet.’


Written By: Ian Cullen

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