Ridley Scott’s Exodus to star Bale and Edgerton

As was reported by the Hollywood Reporter, it seems as though the Dark Knight (Christian Bale) will be playing the lead role in Ridley Scott’s EXODUS, the upcoming biblical epic tale of Moses and his battle against Ramses, the Egyptian ruler to be played by Joel Edgerton.

Not too much else is known at this time regarding any other details like supporting cast, but this much is for certain; this movie is about as epic as a movie can attempt to become! With respect to the material being tackled by Scott and these two leading men, Bale is in for one heck of a ride in that he will be portraying the one figure in biblical history responsible for the Exodus of an entire people!

This movie is set for release to the public in December of 2014 and only time will tell if the movie will part box office waters or not!

Written By: Tye Bourdony

Tye Bourdony is a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator, science fiction reporter and the U.S. based content editor for Sci Fi Pulse. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the Staff Family Mediator, is currently the Public Information Officer for the Osceola County Bar Association and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine.  You can visit Tye on facebook and at www.thelightersideofscifi.com or send him your thoughts and story/article ideas to TBourdony@scifipulse.net.

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