Doctor Who: McGann at not being asked to take part in ‘The Day Of The Doctor’



Paul McGann has once more dismissed rumors that he would be taking part in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, which is titled ‘Day Of The Doctor’.

In a new interview for Flicks and the City the actor revealed that he was a little disappointed at not having the opportunity to play his version of the Doctor for the special.

McGann’s first and only appearance on television as the 8th Doctor was for the ill conceived 1996 movie and he was the best thing in it. Since then McGann’s incarnation of Doctor Who has enjoyed a successful run via the Big Finish 8th Doctor series and various radio drama’s.

“I was a bit dismayed,” said McGann. “A bit gutted [not to be asked], but [the older Doctors] are not in it.

“There’s all kinds of rumours… doing the rounds. One gets tired of trying to refute things on Twitter and the like, but take it from me – I’m not in it.

“The thing about Doctor Who is… if not now, then maybe some other time. That’s the beauty of it – we can always come back.”

When it comes to the future of the revived series McGann had nothing but encouragement for Peter Capaldi, who will take over the role from Matt Smith at the end of the year.

“Peter Capaldi’s going to take over – a proper fan, a brilliant actor [and] a lovely man,” he said.

“I think he’ll bring the old-fashioned, scary gravitas that my favourite William Hartnell had. He’ll bring a fierce intelligence.”


Doctor Who’s anniversary episode will air on BBC One on Saturday, November 23, and will also be simulcast worldwide and screened in cinemas.

Written By: Ian Cullen

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