In Review: Sherlock – His Last Vow

Sherlock Holmes final


Synopsis: Sherlock takes on master blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen, a man who knows the secrets of every person of importance in the Western world.

Review: This episode is a huge step up from the very confused character driven dramatics of last week.

It wastes no time in introducing us to master blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen who is played beautifully by Lars Mikkelsen. Augustus Magnussen is every bit the villain.

By going up against Augustus Magnussen Sherlock also in turn goes up against his brother Mycroft who for his own reasons is protective of the blackmailing media mogulel.

There are some real good thrills and surprises throughout the episode. One being that Whatson’s wife Mary has a past that is so terrible that she is not beyond attempting to murder Magnussen to keep it hidden. Of course all comes out in the end when Sherlock walks in on her as she is about to do the deed.

Magnussen much like Moriarty before him is every bit Holmes equal. In fact he even has a mind palace in much like Sherlock does and once again we see Sherlocks mind palace brought into action as he decides the best way to fall in order to maximise his survival after being shot.

Speaking if which Moriarty makes an appearance in the episode via Sherlocks mind palace, and by the close of the story. Its very apparent that we haven’t seen the last of Moriarty, which begs the question of how did he survive.

The close of the episode was both great and disappointing. Great because it gave use something to look forward to with the return of Moriary, but disappointing in that Magnussen is killed off in order to make way for him.

We get a fair bit of humour in the episode and Sherlock is his usual clever self when it comes to being so many moves ahead of everyone else. And we even address his drug issue, which he uses as a means to go undercover to go after Magnussen.

Easily the best episode of this particular lot.

Score 4/5


Written By: Ian Cullen

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Ian Cullen is the owner of A wannabe musician. Ian is a legend in his own mind and when not working on the website host the hugely successful SFP-NOW Podcast he can be found skulking around empty corridors. A longtime fan of genre television and movies Ian was also a producer on the Reality On Demand web-series and has even been published in the official Star Trek Magazine.


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