SciFiPulse Chats To The Production Team Behind ‘Afro Punk Girl’

The film, which is titled Afro Punk Girl is an extremely current film, which has some hot new talent both in front of and behind the scenes.

Recently I was made aware of an interesting science fiction production, which is happening right now here in the UK.

The film, which is titled Afro Punk Girl is an extremely current film, which has some hot new talent both in front of and behind the scenes.

We were lucky enough to catch up with some of the team behind the film to give some insight into what inspired it.

SFP: First off how did you all get into the world of filmmaking?

Annetta Laufer: I originally trained as an actress and worked in theatre for years before moving into filmmaking. My very first short film was done on a shoe string budget and lots of favors. When that did well I felt encouraged to continue.

Shobu Kapoor: I have worked in the entertainment industry as an actress for over 25 years. I started Roman Candle Productions partly because I was getting bored with the sameness of the roles I was getting and also because I wanted to expand my creativity into writing and directing film. I’ve started out as a producer to learn the practical side and am now about to move into the creative side of filmmaking.

Anya Ryzhenkova: I was always interested in film and have done a number of projects throughout the years helping to put together various short films. But it was not up until a year ago that I have decided to join the industry officially. Meeting Annetta and Shobu marked a turning point in my life as I stepped on to the exciting and challenging road of film-making! One year on, our collaboration is going strong and I am in the process of finishing one of the most exciting projects I worked on yet! 

SFP: What can you tell us about Afro Punk Girl. Where does the inspiration come from?

The company’s premise is to tell the stories of diverse people, stories that we don’t often see on screen, stories that come from our backgrounds and express us. We also want to enhance the role of women in film, both in front of and behind the camera. Afro Punk Girl in particular, grew from a desire to create a heroine who was a flawed human being, who grows to discover her humanity and compassion through her encounter with a senior from her culture.

SFP: The film has an extremely edgy look and feel. Dystopic science fiction is a rather crowded arena with things such as Mad Max and such. What do you think Afro Punk Girl is going to bring to the genre in order to freshen things up a bit?

Afro Punk Girl is an intimate story, unlike the grandeur of most big sci-fi films, it delves into the souls of the characters. The genre is almost a background for the relationship between Lil and Mr Dandy. We want to show that human stories fit into all genres.

SFP: On IMDB the film is listed as a short. Is it your hope to produce a longer form film in future or maybe spin things off into other media such as Video Games, TV or Comics?

We would certainly like to expand Afro Punk Girl into a feature as I think we have a lot of material to do this, especially in the light of recent (and ongoing) political events in the UK. There is talk of a graphic novel, and other spin offs are possible, but that’s all under wraps for now. Step by step!

SFP: Thus far you seem to be 35% funded on the film’s indiegogo site. How much do you need to realistically make the best film possible and what perks are you offering to your backers?

 We are now at 35% and growing, we still have 16 days left, so we’re sure we’ll get a lot further. For perks, take a look at the campaign page, In a nutshell, they include digital links to the film, posters, names on the film credits, behind the scenes footage among other things.

SFP: You have a pretty central character in the film, but what can you tell us about some of the other characters and situations that will play out? Without spoiling things of course.

The two main characters are Lil and Mr Dandy and the story essentially plays out their relationship. A whole world is hinted at, we see moments from the world around them, there are some non-human mutations too and that is all I’m going to say. You’ll have to wait and see about the rest!

You can learn more about ‘Afro Punk Girl’ by Clicking Here!

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