Annie Wersching Would Love To Be Part Of A ’24’ Prequel Series

"I was lucky enough to pass my first season!" she said.

Perhaps one of the popular characters towards the close of ’24’s’ original run on television is Agent Renee Walker who was played up until her tragic demise by Annie Wersching.

In this character we had a love interest for Jack Bauer, who was every bit his equal in the field and easily just as messed up emotionally from PTSD than he was. For me she was maybe one of the most interesting characters to pop up in the series during its original 8 seasons on television.

Of course these days Wersching is better known for her role of Lily Salvatore in the hit CW series ‘Vampire Diaries,’ but the actress has revealed that she’d love another bite at the ’24’ cherry.

Speaking recently to Digital Spy Wersching said that she’d love to reprise Renee Walker in a ’24’ prequel series.

“I was lucky enough to pass my first season!” she said. “It’s one of those shows where you kind of know that your ultimate demise was always lurking around the corner.

“But I loved Renee so much – out of everything I’ve done, I’ve played her the longest – so of course I have a strong connection to her and I just loved that show and that world so much.”

When talking about Renee’s death Wersching says that is for keeps, but feels a possible prequel with her character would be possible.

“That feels like, ‘Did it once, don’t know if they could do it again’ – but maybe a prequel where they show what happened to her between season seven and season eight? I’m sure that’s a little bit of a pipe dream, but I would love it.”

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