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    SFP – Now Looks at the Best & Worst of 2019
    by IC and MP

    Welcome our first episode of 2020 in which we are joined by Marx and Julie Pyle from Genretainment as well as our very own Raissa to discuss the best and worst television and movies of 2019.

    Inevitably Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is on someones list, but was it top of the the list?

    Over the course of a little under 2 hours we discuss all the films we have seen over 2019 as well as the TV we have been watching and review each one in our own unique and special way. We get to talking about the wokeness that has invaded TV shows such as Supergirl and Doctor Who as well discuss character and plot development in terms of what we like and don’t like to see in our entertainment.

    So why not have a listen and comment if you agree or disagree with anything we have to say.

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