Best Bluetooth Gadgets for Cosplayers

Technology has brought a new level of sophistication in the form of smartphone and Bluetooth-controlled gadgets. That being said, here's a look at the coolest Bluetooth cosplay tech gadgets on the market.
The best cosplay costumes are the ones with the most flare and gadgets. Whether you’re at a convention or just with friends, there’s no room for subtlety. Technology has brought to a new level of sophistication in the form of smartphone and Bluetooth-controlled gadgets. That being said, here’s a look at the coolest Bluetooth cosplay tech gadgets on the market.

The Extreme

Cosplay artist Leo Simon spent countless hours and over $1,500 to construct a set of light up mechanical wings for his cosplay costume. He built the frame, wired the electronics and fitted it with a substantial battery. But he didn’t want to stop there. He also wrote and developed a smartphone app to control the wings. With a touch of a button, the wings spread, flap and are lit up with neon lights that flare and pulse.

With technology now so readily available, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can create if you have the drive and some know-how. Elmins Cosplay’s Facebook page has pictures of the construction process as well as the finished product.

Smartphone Laser Tag

Remember when you were in middle school and laser tag was all the rage? Well, relive the days or yesteryear with this awesome smartphone gadget. There are a couple different smartphone laser tag products, but they more or less work in the same way. You plug your phone into a small holder on top of the gun, which links with the gun’s software. Then, your phone provides an augmented reality display while you play.

Many of the product apps come with a basic weapon set and have other in-app purchases available. While more than just cosplayers can enjoy these types of products and services, they can take your cosplay costume and actions to new heights. These work best with high-end smartphones like the LG V10, which has enhanced multitask tools so you can do far more on it than just play laser tag.

AR Gaming and Pokemon Go

With the eventual release of “Pokemon Go” in the works, one of the most beloved games, anime series and worlds will come to life. “Pokemon Go” is an augmented reality game, much like Niantic’s game “Ingress,” in that it will let you catch Pokemon in the real world through augmented reality screens on your smartphone. If you’re a Pokemon cosplayer, a premium device will be the Pokemon Go Plus, which is a small smartwatch-like wearable that alerts you to Pokemon in your area. This gadget deepens the experience because you will not need to have your phone out and on to receive Pokemon alerts. While this gadget doesn’t have a release date as of yet, all signs point to some time this year.

While Pokemon Go Plus, isn’t a flashy or extravagant item, it makes your cosplay costume more actionable. Once it hits the market you will no longer be confined with your costume choices, but active with Pokemon training.

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