Big Finish In Review: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles – The Selachian Gambit

Synopsis: The Doctor doesn’t normally need money, but when the TARDIS is immobilised and a fine has to be paid, a loan from a bank in the sky seems...


Synopsis: The Doctor doesn’t normally need money, but when the TARDIS is immobilised and a fine has to be paid, a loan from a bank in the sky seems the solution to his problem.

But then the Selachians arrive, and the Doctor and his companions find themselves as hostages in the middle of a heist.

Death seems an absolute certainty. But the Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben have outwitted death before…

Review: A friend recommended this audio adventure to me and given who it was I just had to give it a bash and I’m glad I did.

‘The Selachian Gambit’ is a second Doctor Adventure told from the point of view of Jamie and Polly from the earlier part of Patrick Troughton’s time as the Doctor. And I say early part because Ben and Polly are still around and both are used to great effect in this story.

The action starts when the TARDIS gets clamped for being illegally parked. Which is something that had me laughing from the get go.

What starts as somewhat of a comedic farce in which the Doctor and his companions are trying to navigate the bureaucracy of a banking planet soon turns into a classic heist story, which is something that the second Doctor episodes was known for.

The action starts when the Selachian’s burst into the bank while the Doctor and friends is trying to sort out his parking fine. Its Doctor Who does Die Hard.

The Selachian’s are a shark like alien that wear an environmental suit, which turns out to be a rather important bit of information in this story.

The story is narrated by Frazer Hines who pulls double duty voicing Jamie McCrimmon and The Second Doctor and Anneke Wills provides her voice for Polly.

Hine’s demonstrates an uncanny vocal performance when playing the Doctor to a point where if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was Patrick Troughton.

The story is written by Steve Lyons and directed by Lisa Bowerman.

I really enjoyed this story and am giving it a full five.

You can buy this audio adventure here at:

Score 5/5

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