Brittany Allen Chats About Her ‘Extraterrestrial’ Experience

"The film is so much fun! You have to go into it expecting a wild roller-coaster ride with some familiar horror and sci-fi elements, but also so many surprising twists and turns throughout."

Just out today is a brand new movie from The Viscous Brothers. The film is called ‘Extraterrestrial’ and is a departure from their horror roots.

We were lucky enough to catch up with one of the films stars Brittany Allen, who was more than happy to tell us about this new film and the role that she plays in it.

SFP: What attracted you to taking part in the movie ‘Extraterrestrial’?

Brittany Allen: As soon as I finished reading the script, I called my representation and said, I want to be a part of this. April is written as such a strong female, dealing with real issues, which isn’t always the case in horror. Of course, the sci-fi genre has Alien with Ripley and more films recently with complex and strong female leads, but I just found it incredibly refreshing that at no point was April objectified as a woman. Her strength was sexy.

SFP: What can you tell us about the film and your role of April?

Brittany Allen: The film is so much fun! You have to go into it expecting a wild roller-coaster ride with some familiar horror and sci-fi elements, but also so many surprising twists and turns throughout.  The plot is five young adults go to a cabin in the woods, and get involved with aliens to a disastrous result. The supporting cast is incredible, with Gil Bellows as a haunted and hardened cop, and Michael Ironside as a wild and paranoid vet. Emily Perkins from Ginger Snaps and Shawn Rogerson from Grave Encounters also have wicked cameos. April is a jaded and determined young woman, who is intent on going at it alone. But as she starts to lose everyone in her life throughout the course of one horrific night, she realizes that life is better spent with the people you love in it, than without.

SFP: How different would you say ‘Extraterrestrial’ is to other movies within the horror genre?

Brittany Allen: Well, horror is a genre I am only now having the courage to watch! So I’m not an aficionado as I’ve been too afraid to watch horror movies in the past. I think Extraterrestrial is different in that it sets you up for a traditional pay off and then turns it on its head. Repeatedly. I think this keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, and makes for a movie that has you laughing one minute, scared the next, and maybe even shedding a tear at some point.


SFP: I noticed that Michael Ironside is in the movie who many know for his various roles in science fiction and horror. Did you get any scenes with him and if so what was it like to be working with him given that he is such a well known face?

Brittany Allen: It was an honor to work with Michael Ironside. He was such a gentleman and a professional. It was like a master class in acting working opposite him. He came on set with so many ideas and such a passion for his character, and it was so exciting to be an observer of his process on set. He is such a great storyteller, both on screen and off. He’s such a big personality, and you just want to be around him, with the hope that some of his depth and humor and wisdom will rub off on you.

SFP: I notice via your IMDB that you have been filming a movie titled ‘Look Again,’ which sounds like it could be quite funny. What can you say about your role in that movie without giving to much away?

Brittany Allen: That was a really fun film to make. I was working with a great comedic actor out of Toronto, Anand Rajaram. It was the first time in comedy where I was playing a character very close to myself, as opposed to some outlandish and unusual chap – not to say that I’m not either of those things….But it was fun to take a more grounded approach to comedy. I learned a lot working on that film.

SFP: I also noticed that you got to play a role in the final series of ‘Warehouse 13,’ which is a series that we were all very sad to see end. How was it for you to work with that cast and how did it compare to some of the other television sets that you have worked on?

Brittany Allen: It was really special to be a part of the final episode. It was directed by Jack Kenny, who was involved with that show from the start. He had a great energy, along with everyone else I met from the cast. I think I shot all my scenes in one day. I agree – it was a pretty unique show with its own sense of tonality. I love when a show can define that so specifically, and you really see that every actor and every department involved has a great handle on the mood and feel.

SFP: In terms of ‘Extraterrestrial’ do you think it could be the beginning of another horror movie franchise or does the films story pretty much work best as a stand alone type of film?

Brittany Allen: Well, I think it stands alone for sure. However, I won’t deny that brainstorming sessions were held casually on set to come up with possible sequels. So far, I don’t think a clear front runner was found. What do you think?

SFP: From what I can tell The Vicious Brothers are fairly new to film making. What sort of energy do you think they bring to their films compared to other film projects that you have worked on and would you like to work with them again if the opportunity arose?

Brittany Allen: I think that every person on that set would work with The Vicious Brothers again in a heartbeat. Their energy and passion is so incredibly contagious, and I knew right from the start of shooting that I was in good hands. That’s such a good feeling – to trust your director(s). They love film and filmmaking so much, and they work so hard and give so much of themselves that everyone else can’t help but do the same.

‘Extraterrestrial‘, which also stars Michael Ironside is out now in the USA.

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