Bruce Wayne role has been expanded in ‘Gotham’

"David Mazouz is the best young actor I've ever worked with," the showrunner said.

Bruno Heller, who is responsible for bringing us the new series ‘Gotham’ has revealed that the role of Bruce Wayne on the show was initially shorter, but plans changed as soon as actor David Mazouz was cast.

While speaking to digital Spy Heller revealed that Bruce Wayne would now play a larger part in the new series, which premiered in the USA on Monday evening and is due to hit Channel 5 on these shores in the next couple of weeks.

“David Mazouz is the best young actor I’ve ever worked with,” the showrunner said. “He has a profound understanding of human emotion, as well as a focus, concentration and energy that allows you to play adult themes with a kid.

“David can play very complex, difficult, dysfunctional and sometimes scary material. He’s fantastic.

“The core of the show is Gordon (Ben McKenzie), but Bruce Wayne will certainly play a much larger part in the show than we had initially thought, just because we have that opportunity. It’s great.”

Heller went on to add that Bruce Wayne would not be donning the famous cowl and cape in the show.
“Things change, that’s the beauty of TV – but that’s the natural arc of the show and that’s where I would like to see it end because essentially that’s the story,” he explained. “We start with a child, but how did he end up as Batman?”

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