Capaldi Did Not Try To Win Over Fans With ‘Doctor Who’ Role

"I was very nervous about playing the part, but I didn't really think about the expectations of the fans," Capaldi said.

Since he first stepped up last year as the 12th ‘Doctor Who’ it is fair to say that Peter Capaldi has won over fans, but has not tried or attempted to court those fans that would have most probably have always riled against his casting anyway.

In a recent chat with The Red Bulletin the actor admitted that his casting as Doctor number 12 was a risk for the BBC who prior to him had always gone with a younger more accessible actor like Matt Smith or David Tennant.

“I was very nervous about playing the part, but I didn’t really think about the expectations of the fans,” Capaldi said. “I just tried to think about playing the part of the Doctor as best as I could.

“I didn’t want to seek the audience’s approval. I think they must find out whether they like you or not. It is a risk. I just had to dive in.”

In terms of being a part of a global science fiction franchise Capaldi said:

“I sort of try not to look down – do you know what I mean? If I become over-conscious of the scale of interest in it, then I think that would make me a difficult person to live with.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday, September 19. Find the full interview with Peter Capaldi, by Holger Potye, on The Red Bulletin.

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