Chris Evans & Chris Pratt visit Seattle Children’s Hospital

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt doing their best to inspire and bring hope to those who need it!

Just as Chris Pratt donned his alternate ego’s costume and assumed the role of Star-Lord just to visit sick kids in Boston’s Christopher’s Haven cancer center, after losing his Super Bowl bet with fellow super hero Chris Evans a.k.a. Captain America. Evans himself also did the right thing and most recently visited Pratt’s charity of choice, Seattle Children’s Hospital, in order to help raise money and awareness for those illnesses being battled by children every day.

The amazing photos released from Captain America’s (Evans) visit to the Seattle Children’s Hospital are clearly worth thousands of words and sentiments as those kids and their families who got the chance to meet and visit with both Pratt and Evans as Captain America, were clearly excited, enthusiastic and hopefully able to forget their troubles if only for a little while.

But more important than that, these kids struggling on a regular basis against sometimes overwhelming odds were given something that only a true hero, whether they wear a cape and super hero tights or not, knows how to give; hope.

Likewise, a hospital spokesperson let it be known that the stars specifically asked for the media not to know about the pending super hero visit so that the focus and attention truly needed to be given that day would entirely be on the kids and their families, which both Evans and Pratt were there to spend time with.

A young super Star-Lord fan battling acute myeloid leukemia, Tyler Gower, got to be on top of the world for a little while, with his Mother saying, “It gave Tyler five minutes of happiness. This situation will never be normal, but their visit helped make us feel special.

After the super visit, both heroes also sent out appreciative messages via social media about meeting the true champions of the day, with Chris Pratt posting the following message to Facebook, “Had the immense joy yesterday of joining the real Captain America at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Thanks to Chris Evans for being a classy ‪#‎twitterbowl winner.”

Likewise Captain America himself (Chris Evans), tweeted, “Met some TRUE super heroes! Feeling inspired, blessed, touched. Thank you w all my heart.

It truly is nice to see some of Hollywood’s greatest fictional heroes actually acting like the Super Heroes they portray on screen and in fact doing the very thing that real Super Heroes do best, inspire and bring hope to those who need it!

Well done to all of the Heroes that met together at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Good luck and keep up the good work!


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