Colin Firth Could Return For ‘Kingsman’ Sequel

"A lot of people are very upset that Colin might not be in the sequel," Vaughn told USA Today. "But I'm coming up with ideas at the moment.

Colin Firth, who is best known for serious drama or romantic comedies has made an incredible splash into the world of comic book movies and won some fans along the way in the new movie ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. The actors character of Henry dies in the movie, but director Matthew Vaughn is keen to bring the character back for a sequel.

“A lot of people are very upset that Colin might not be in the sequel,” Vaughn told USA Today. “But I’m coming up with ideas at the moment.

“If people buy tickets in America, I’ve got a feeling we’ll figure out a way for having Colin back.”

Vaughn also hinted that Eggsy (Taron Egerton) will remain a key character in the possible sequel.

“The sequel will be, ‘This is the modern-day gentleman spy’,” he explained. “Because Harry isn’t.

“Harry even says, ‘There is a reason why we’ve developed weak chins’. He said that, meaning, ‘Look at us, we need to get new blood into this system’, and that’s what Eggsy is.

“I joke that we’ve made the prequel to the Eggsy movie.”

Kingsman: The Secret Service is out now in UK and US cinemas.

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ is a movie adaptation of a comic book series by Mark Millar.


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