Could We See A Third ‘Walking Dead’ Series?

"Never say never - just as long as it justified itself," says Gale Ann Hurd.

‘Walking Dead’ has certainly become a hugely popular series having already spawned one successful spin-off with ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, but could we be seeing a third series set within Robert Kirkman’s zombie infested universe?

Speaking at a screening for season two of ​Fear the Walking Dead ​last week (April 8), executive producerGale Ann Hurd said she’d consider it – if the story was right.

“Right now, we have our hands full, but never say never – just as long as it justified itself,” she explained.

“It would need the right stories, the most interesting characters, and it couldn’t feel like we were doing it simply to repeat something we’d already done before.

“That’s why we took a while getting Fear off the ground, because we wanted to make sure that it stood on its own and that it could operate completely independently of the original show.”

One thing is for sure though. If a third series were to be made. There are a legion of fans just waiting in the wings to watch it.


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