DC Announce ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Comic

The comic will feature an appearance by Firestorm who is also due to have a role in the series

Fans who are looking forward to the ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ television series in January will be pleased to know that DC are to launch a comic book series, which will feature different characters to the series and tell separate adventure stories when the series is not on air.

The comic will feature an appearance by Firestorm who is also due to have a role in the series, which begins airing in January of 2016. Though the comic will not be due out until March.

The 80-page series will feature four different stories each issue, with the initial lineup featuring Sugar & Spike, Metamorpho, Metal Men and Firestorm — the latter being the only character of the four scheduled to appear on the similarly titled CW television series.

Anthology series when it comes to comic books have always been a difficult sell in the American market place.

Previous failed attempts from both DC and Marvel comics have included titles such as Action Comics Weekly, Marvel Comics Presents and A+X. Of course here in Europe its a completely different story because 2000AD, which is perhaps the UK’s most successful comic book is an anthology comic.

What’s interesting about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is that the page count means that each strip will run close to the page count of a regular comic book with each issue, a move that might sidestep the traditional concern that U.S. audiences don’t respond well to short chapters of each storyline per issue. (At $7.99 per issue, the cost works out to just below three issues of a regular DC release, or two Marvel books.)

Each of the four strips had previously been announced as individual series back in July, alongside four additional series. Of the remaining four, one — Katana: Cult of the Kobra — has already been folded into the January-launching Suicide Squad Most Wanted mini-series.

Legends of Tomorrow will be released digitally and in print March 9.

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