DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

There are first looks at The Flash’s Patty Spivot, two legendary Hawks, and more.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there are first looks at The Flash’s Patty Spivot, two legendary Hawks, and more.

In a recent TVLine overview, Marc Guggenheim touched upon Malcolm Merlyn’s story line on Arrow

He may be the new leader of the League of Assassins, but Malcolm won’t be saying goodbye to his old life entirely: He’ll “get back into the hood for Episode 3,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim previews.

He elaborated for Entertainment Weekly

For Arrow, anything Merlyn other than his connection to the resurrection? — Raissa

I’ll let EP Marc Guggenheim take this: “The best way to put it is its father knows worst,” he says. “Malcolm comes into the story very much more in the role of Thea’s father than in the role of the Head of the League of Assassins. It’s so much fun to play with Malcolm as dad because his choices are just very unusual. Much to the chagrin of Thea, he doesn’t handle things the way a typical father would.”

First, each character on The Flash is summed up in one word for Entertainment Weekly

Anything on The Flash would be great, especially regarding Iris West or WestAllen, thank you! — What Other Girls?  

How about scoop on everyone? Apparently I’m a big fan of lightning rounds because I got EP Andrew Kreisberg to give me a quick scoop for each Flash character. Ready? Set. Scoop! Barry: “New love.” Iris: “Face from the past.” Caitlin: “Brrrr.” Cisco: “Metahuman.” Wells: “Alive?” Joe: “Stalwart.” Ronnie: “Bravery.” Henry: “Heart.” Jay: “Broken.” Patty: “Delightful.”

Then, viewers get their first look at the “Delightful” Patty Spivot in this new extended trailer.

Finally, Kreisberg elaborated on Patty for Entertainment Weekly

A police officer and potential love interest for Barry, Patty is eager to join Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) anti-metahuman task force. “She’s got a very specific reason for wanting to fight metahumans, which we’ll learn about during the course of the season,” Kreisberg says. “She’s a science nerd, too. She really loves the science aspect of it, and she and Barry really bond on that level, but she also loves the action.”

“She earns her metahuman fighting stripes in the second episode,” Kreisberg continues. “One of the cool things about Patty is it’s one thing to take on bank robbers, it’s another to take on someone who can turn into poison gas, or another guy who can control the weather. At a key moment early on, Patty is the only cop who stands her ground, and that proves to Joe that she’s got what it takes.”

Entertainment Weekly also got scoop on Gotham…

Where does the new season of Gotham pick up? — Zac

There’s a mini-time jump in the season premiere, which finds Jim working the streets as a beat cop after being demoted. He may be down, but trust me when I tell you that he’s not out. In fact, we’ll see him go to great lengths to achieve his goals, even if that means being on the wrong side of the law and getting his hands a little (or a lot) dirty.

Variety has the first promo picture of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in full costume. Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) will make their debut together in crossover episodes of Arrow and The Flash before spinoff series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres at midseason.

Raissa Devereux became a life-long genre fan at the age of four when she first saw The Wizard of Oz at a screening at Arizona State University. Years later, she graduated from A.S.U. as an English major, History minor, Whovian, and Trekkie. Now a Florida transplant, she loves the opportunity Sci-Fi Pulse has given her to further explore space travel, time travel, masked heroes, gothic castles, and good yarns.
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