DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl, Batman v. Superman

There are seek peaks, casting announcements, and more.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there are seek peaks, casting announcements, and more.

Here’s an extended look at what’s coming on Arrow from Executive Producer Wendy Mericle

In addition, David Ramsey discussed Diggle’s new helmet with TV Guide Magazine, courtesy of Green Arrow TV

“I like it,” Ramsey told the magazine. “I know there’s a lot of criticism that it looks like the Magneto helmet. But by the time you see Diggle in action – we also get into what the helmet can do – you won’t be thinking of the X-Men at all. There is a very cool gun too. The gun and the helmet, by the way, are S.T.A.R. Labs creations.”

Actor Teddy Sears provided an Instagram photo of himself in Jay Garrick’s Crimson Comet costume on The Flash.

Moreover, TV Guide got scoop on how Cisco Ramon is handling his own meta-human transformation…

When the Atom Smasher crashes Central City’s Flash Day celebration in the premiere, Cisco finds himself once again seeing into an alternate universe. Specifically, Cisco sees the Atom Smasher within Earth-Two, which intersected with their world through the wormhole that opened in the finale.

But unlike Barry (Grant Gustin), who took to his abilities with a childlike glee, Cisco is in complete denial, and is even keeping his powers secret from the rest of the team.

Finally, according to Variety, the other Vanessa Williams has been cast as Iris West’s mother. Williams’ debut episode is being kept under wraps, as are any other details about the previously absent matriarch.

According to Variety, Gotham has tapped Looking star Raul Castillo to play DC Comics villain Eduardo Flamingo…

Making his debut in episode nine of season two, Eduardo Flamingo is one of Gotham’s most dangerous hitmen. Killing for him isn’t just a job, it’s an art form. Armed with a spiked chain and an appetite for flesh, this rock-a-billy assassin will prove to be one of Detective Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) trickiest foes.

There’s another Supergirl featurette…

According to Entertainment Weekly, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has receive a PG-13 rating.

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