DC Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, iZombie, Suicide Squad

there’s Arrow merchandise, talk of secrets and royalties on The Flash, an interview with iZombie’s rookie cop, and a new picture of Suicide Squad’s Joker and Deadshot.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there’s Arrow merchandise, talk of secrets and royalties on The Flash, an interview with iZombie’s rookie cop, and a new picture of Suicide Squad’s Joker and Deadshot.

Titan Books has published an Arrow tie-in by Nick Aires…

Arrow – Heroes and Villains is a comprehensive character guide to the hit Warner Bros. TV show Arrow. Featuring in-depth character breakdowns of Oliver Queen – the billionaire turned hooded vigilante, Laurel Lance – attorney and former girlfriend of Oliver, Slade Wilson – the character based on DC Comics’ Deathstroke – and many, many more.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed how they’re using The Flash to address the structural problems inherent in keeping superhero secrets on the CW shows…

I hear Barry and Iris will finally have a heart-to-heart. How will Iris feel upon learning Barry’s secret? I have to imagine she’ll be pretty pissed off at not just Barry, but Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Eddie as well.
The reason she’s not pissed at Eddie will become apparent, which is kind of interesting. But she’s definitely pissed at Barry and Joe. Keeping people in the dark for their own protection is a trope for these shows. Sometimes, especially on Arrow, we let that go on for too long. We’re trying to correct that on this show…

Iris is the last person not really in the know. So what does season 2 look like if everyone knows Barry’s secret?
There will be new people introduced on the show next year, and they won’t know. It’s funny because we read the comments and see some people are upset that Iris doesn’t know. For us, keeping this secret is the least interesting aspect of all of these shows. Especially on Arrow, there’s such a freedom to it now that everybody is in on this secret, everyone can just have real conversations. Everyone is on board, so everyone can be talking about everything that they should be talking about. That’s not to say those devices weren’t important and helpful in the earlier seasons, especially about episode 18 of the first season of Arrow, where Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) journey—even though she didn’t know Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) secret—in that episode really helped him. For now, it’s better that everybody knows and everybody can talk about it and be on the same page. The false jeopardy of “we have to keep this secret” fades away, and it allows you to come up with more grounded, more organic problems for your characters to have to face.

io9 linked to a comprehensive Tumblr post from Gerry Conway, writer of tons of comic books and co-creator of tons of comic book characters (including Firestorm), about DC Entertainment’s “creator equity participation,” which paid the creators of characters whenever their characters were used on other media. Except when DC Comics became DC Entertainment, that all changed, impacting royalties for characters on CW’s The Flash

Let’s say DC agrees you created a character, like, for example, Killer Frost. In your original creation, Killer Frost had a secret identity named Crystal Frost. Later, a “new” Killer Frost is created for the New 52, and this new Killer Frost has a secret identity named Caitlin Snow.

You’ll be pleased to hear (I hope) that DC agrees I and Al Milgrom are the co-creators of all manifestations of “Killer Frost.” We are also considered the co-creators of Crystal Frost. And, of course, by the twisted logic that credits Power Girl as a derivation of Superman, Al and I must also be the creators of Killer Frost’s New 52 secret identity, Caitlin Snow.


No. We’re not. And DC insists we are not. And I agree with DC.

Caitlin Snow was created by Sterling Gates and Derlis Santacruz.

Except, according to DC Entertainment, she wasn’t. Because she was “derived” from the original creation of Killer Frost.

Which means Al Milgrom and I created her.

Except, according to DC Entertainment, we didn’t.

Nobody created her.

Or, rather, nobody gets credit and creator equity participation for creating her.

Friend and contributor to SciFi Pulse, Craig McKenzie interviewed iZombie’s rookie detective on his site — Kneel Before Blog.


 A week ago I caught up with iZombie star Malcolm Goodwin for an interview. He’s a really great guy and I’m very grateful that he supports the site.

In the interview he talks about his career, hobbies and gives some notable insight into iZombie. He also answers the important question of what superpower he would have. He has a lot of cool stuff to say so it was great to talk to him and find out first hand…


Suicide Squad director David Ayer tweeted a new picture of Jared Leto’s Joker…



Also, the tabloid site Just Jared has set photos of Will Smith in costume as Deadshot.

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