DC Round-Up: Speedster-Palooza & More

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there are Speedsters, Hawks, and psychopaths.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there are Speedsters, Hawks, and psychopaths.

TVLine found out what Felicity wouldn’t have in common with Diggle in the new season of Arrow

Question: Is this finally going to be the Arrow season that Felicity Smoak gets a code name to help protect her identity? —Julie

Ausiello: We took your Q to executive producer Wendy Mericle, who admitted that there’s a running joke in the writers room about what Felicity’s alias would be if they were to give her one. But at the moment, the tech wiz isn’t getting a second moniker. “Dig is out in the field, so there’s a necessity for [him to have one],” Mericle explains. “But not quite yet for Felicity, although you never know. We all love the idea of her getting her out there more and being a badass. It’s just a question of finding the right way to do it.”

TVLine got some clarification from Executive Producer Gabrielle Stanton on The Flash’s new arch-nemesis…

Not to be outdone by all the fast-moving heroes, Season 2’s Big Bad will also ramp up his speed. “Zoom is just scary as all hell,” Stanton says of the new nemesis. And although he may resemble Eobard Thawne upon first impression, Stanton promises there will be no mistaking him for Barry’s previous foe once he’s introduced.

“Zoom is going to be very different in terms of motivation, in terms of what he wants from The Flash, in terms of why he’s doing what he’s doing,” the EP teases. “I know a lot of people are thinking, ‘[Zoom and Reverse Flash] were so similar in the comics. What’s going to make them different?’ I guarantee no one will confuse him for one second with what we did last year. It’s actually much more different than people would think.”

Zoom, Jay, and Wally aren’t the only new Speedsters in Central City, however. TVLine has learned that Newcomer Violett Beane has been tapped to join Season 2 as DC Comics accelerator Jesse Quick. Beane’s Jesse — who will appear in multiple episodes — is characterized as a brilliant but quirky college student who gets caught up in the battle between The Flash and Zoom.

Additionally, ComicBook.Com reported that Demore Barnes has been cast as Henry Hewitt, better known as the Firestorm villain Tokamak, on The Flash. The CW describes the character as “a charming, but cocky scientist who was affected by the same Particle Accelerator explosion that created the Flash.  When Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) recruits him to join the team at S.T.A.R. Labs, Hewitt jumps at the opportunity to fulfill his destiny as a powerful meta-human.”

Finally, Entertainment Weekly reported that Malese Jow will reprise her role as reporter and former Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) love interest Linda Park for multiple episodes.

“Linda Park will return as Iris West’s [Candice Patton] friend and colleague at Central Picture News and her past relationship with Barry will put both Iris and The Flash in unexpected danger,” executive producer Gabrielle Stanton teases.

In an interview with DCLegendsTV, Executive Producer Phil Klemmer discusses the Hawks’ relationship on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Is Hawkman going to be a regular part of the show?

He is. He absolutely is.

Does that take away from Hawkgirl’s character at all?

It doesn’t, because the way we’ve imagined them is that they’ve obviously been reincarnated through the ages together, but the fact that he remembers their previous lives and she doesn’t… it gives them very much like a Bogie & Bacall sort of [relationship].

It’s like the Geoff Johns comics.

Yeah. Exactly! They’re constantly fighting, and the fact that they’re destined to be in love is something that seems impossible to her. That’s the kind of sentimentality that we really strive to avoid on this show. The fact that they’re going to be together someday, we try desperately at every moment to disprove that, this is going to be the one time that they decide to, like, shoot each other in the face.

TV Guide found out a bit about Gotham’s new Big Bad…

We already know that Gotham‘s second season will track the “rise of the villains,” but what exactly sets that arc into motion?

According to executive producer Danny Cannon, it could be tied to the arrival of new Season 2 baddie Theo Galavan (James Frain), a billionaire industrialist who presents himself as the savior of Gotham. “Theo Galavan arrives in Gotham as a prodigal son returning,” Cannon says. “He comes from a very wealthy family with ancient roots in the building and foundation of Gotham. It takes a while for us to understand why he came back to Gotham and what his plan is, but it’s an insidious one, obviously. He’s a little bit like the Great Gatsby and Dracula coming to town with money and influence and charm and trying to bend to Gotham to serve him.”

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