DC Round-Up: The Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl

There’s info on the second season of The Flash, on set up for the first season of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and on the leak of the Supergirl pilot.

In this edition of DC Round-Up, there’s info on the second season of The Flash, on set up for the first season of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and on the leak of the Supergirl pilot.

There was a PR blitz following the season finale of The Flash. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg spoke with Entertainment Weekly

What does this mean for Tom Cavanagh? Will we actually see him next season, and if so, how?

Tom Cavanagh will continue to be a regular on Flash is all I am prepared to say.

Have we actually seen the last of the Reverse Flash?

On Flash, you’ve never seen the last of anybody, no matter what happens to them.

We got a brief glimpse of Matt Letscher before Reverse Flash fizzled out. Will he be a part of the show moving forward?

Yeah. We hope so. Greg [Berlanti] and I both worked with Matt on Eli Stone. We’re friends. We’re such huge fans. The idea of Eobard Thawne having essentially stolen Harrison Wells’ body was an idea that we came up with midstream. That wasn’t always part of the conception. What’s wonderful about it is now it allows us to have two tremendously talented actors both playing the same villain. When the Reverse Flash returns, the face that’s underneath the hood can be one of two faces now.

Kreisberg said more to Entertainment Weekly

Wait, so we aren’t even in the original timeline on The Flash? — Jamie

Correct. As revealed in the finale, Eobard traveling back in time in the first place created a brand new timeline—much like the other timelines Barry spied while running through the speed force, including the one with Caitlin as Killer Frost. However, I wouldn’t rule out seeing the original timeline again. “Never say never, especially on a show about time travel,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says coyly.

Kreisberg shared a little more with The Hollywood Reporter

You’ve said season two will introduce more Speedsters. Is that going to be a major theme akin to the Rogues in this season?

Yeah. We are going to introduce a few more speedsters next year and a bunch more villains. How they and those villains come about is part of the surprise of season two. We’re really excited. [Executive producer] Greg [Berlanti] and myself and [executive producer] Geoff Johns and the writers, the cast, the crew, the directors — we are so proud of this season of television. It really is a high mark for all of us, and we feel a great deal of pressure and anxiety to live up to it because it’s been so well received. As proud as excited as we are about everything we’ve done this year, we really are just as proud and excited for all the things we are planning coming up. Hopefully people will continue to take this ride with us.

Finally, stars Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdes elaborated on the new plot mechanism for TV Guide

“What’s fun about this show is that there’s going to be multiple timelines as we move forward,” Gustin says. “I think we’re going to start showing Earth-One and Earth-Two in the near future. There will be kind of different dimensions going on.”

…However, having parallel universes could make the future cross-overs with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow that much trickier. “It gets a little Rubik’s Cube-y in terms of keeping consistency between all these timelines and whatnot,” Valdes says. “But the writers have their stuff together. If I were to trust anyone, it would be them.”

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Crave Online that both parent shows will feed into DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

You surprised everyone when you said that Caity Lotz would be back. Then you said that Rip Hunter is going to be on the show, and I think everyone is assuming that time travel is going to be involved in her return. Is there going to be more of a mystery to it than that, or is it going to be pretty direct once the show begins?

I think what you’ll discover is there’s a fair amount of the story that’s going to be told in both Flash and Arrow prior to the premiere of Legends. Not all your questions may get answered in Legends. It may get answered in one of the two shows.

TVLine reported that faster than a speeding bullet, the pilot for CBS’ Supergirl has illegally leaked onto file-sharing sites. CBS ordered the buzzy superhero drama to series barely two weeks ago, and only unveiled the first footage last Wednesday, May 13, during its annual Upfront presentation to advertisers. The Supergirl leak is available in HD without any evident watermarks, and has been downloaded at least 120,000 times since hitting piracy sites.

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