DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The White Canary’s Wishes

Caity Lotz expressed some wishes for her character in the new series.

As part of a special issue of Entertainment Weekly that will only be distributed during Comic-Con (and also available on the tablet version of EW), Caity Lotz expressed some wishes for her character in the new series…

When Sara died, fans felt her story wasn’t quite finished. Are there parts of her life you’re excited to explore, like her time on Nanda Parbat?

Yeah, that’s actually something we had always talked about doing. I was always wanting it to happen. Seeing what happens after Sara gets pulled off the freighter, it’s like where did she go, how did she get there and how did Nyssa find her? It would be interesting to see the origins of the Sara relationship and also the training to see how Sara becomes such a warrior. That’s definitely what I’d like to see…

While Sara is not really a people person, she did previously work with Team Arrow. However, the Legends team is a disparate group of heroes and villains. How do you think they’ll work together?

Even on Team Arrow, Sara always did what Sara wanted to do. Her and Oliver (Stephen Amell) butted heads quite a lot because of that. I can’t imagine that this will be any different from her. She’s not so much of a team player. Sara’s more of a lone wolf. It’s going to be a challenge to have to work with all these different personalities. It’ll be good for her. Even on Arrow, I don’t think Sara ever quite found her place or really fit in anywhere. I’d like to see her be able to find that. Hopefully by working with all these personalities and being forced to be around this team and work with them, she’ll be able to find that…

People are hoping to see White Canary vs. Black Canary (Katie Cassidy). Is that something you would be excited for?

Definitely. I think the crossover potential is something that really excites me about the show and what I feel like sets it apart from all the other superhero shows. Sara and Laurel’s relationship has always been a pretty complicated one. I don’t imagine that these recent events are going to make it any less complicated. I’m curious to see. I don’t even know. Would they be fighting against each other? Or would they be fighting on the same side? I don’t think Sara would be into Laurel donning the mask and becoming Black Canary, just because she wouldn’t have wanted her to have the same life that she had, that she wasn’t so into all that darkness. I definitely hope that something happens, whether they fight together or against each other. It could be cool side by side. I’m into that.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will debut midseason on The CW. Stay with SciFi Pulse for continuing Comic-Con coverage.

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