Doctor Who: Could The Doctor and Donna Noble Be Returning For New Audio Stories?

In recent months we have seen a few 'Doctor Who' characters from the new series start popping up in fresh new adventures for Big Finish Audio.

In recent months we have seen a few ‘Doctor Who’ characters from the new series start popping up in fresh new adventures for Big Finish Audio.

To date we know that Strax will make an appearance in a special ‘Jago and Lightfoot’ adventure called ‘Jago & Lightfoot & Strax – The Hunting’, which is due to drop in November and we also have ‘Unit: Extinction’ coming up which sees Jemma Redgrave reprise her ongoing ‘Doctor Who’ role of Kate Stewart, which is an adventure set that we will be reviewing when it comes out. But seemingly there could well be much more happening with modern ‘Doctor Who’ and Big Finish than has been announced thus far.

According to BlogtorWho David Tennant and Catherine Tate are going to reprise their roles of the 10th Doctor Who and Donna Noble for a series of Big Finish Audio adventures.

The website reports that Noble and Tennant have signed up with Big Finish to reprise their respective roles for a series of audios and will likely record their stories once their schedules allow. The site added that the writers at Big Finish already have a few adventures already written for the duo.

At present we cannot find any official information at Big Finish that backs this story up, but if true I’d be expecting an official press release to be forthcoming pretty soon. It is not to far fetched though given that BF have also got Alex Kingston to reprise River Song. But that said I’d be inclined to treat this story as rumor until an official press release is made available from Big Finish.


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