Dominic Cooper Lobbying Amazon To Pick Up ‘Agent Carter’

During his appearance at this weekends MCM London Comic Con Cooper was asked if the show could possibly get picked up by Amazon.

News broke earlier in the month that ABC had opted not to pick up Marvels ‘Agent Carter’ for a third series. But could there be a chance of it being picked up by Amazon or Netflix?

Many fans were extremely disappointed at the news and campaigns to try and save the series have started to pick up some momentum.

During his appearance at this weekends MCM London Comic Con Cooper was asked if the show could possibly get picked up by Amazon. The actor was really positive about this and said that he’d be “well up for doing more Howard Stark” as long as there’s “more story to tell”.

“The fact that people have got behind it and want to see it return means a huge amount to Hayley [Atwell] and James [D’Arcy],” he explained.

“I’m sure there’s people talking about it now. What’s wonderful about Amazon and other streaming sites, whereas that might have been the end of the road completely, now there’s hope that it might not be.”

Adding to the speculation was a comment from ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ star Elizabeth Henstridge who has her own theory about ‘Agent Carter’s’ future.

“I always think there’s a conspiracy theory that it didn’t get picked up because actually they’re making a movie,” she joked, although she was quick to point out that it was merely wishful thinking on her part.

Amazon is the UK home of Cooper’s new show Preacher, which premiered last week.

As somewhat of a fan of ‘Agent Carter’ I’d think that Netflix would be a more natural home for the show given that they already have a slate of Marvel series on the go.

Despite axing Agent Carter and rejecting the Marvel’s Most Wanted pilot, ABC are still developing new projects with Marvel.

If you are a fan of the series and are into petitions. There is one currently operating at Change, which already has 113,117 signatures. You can add yours by heading over to


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