Doug Drexler to appear at the STAR TREK: ORIGINAL SERIES SET TOUR

James Cawley's Star Trek: Original Series Set Tour to host Drexler in Ticonderoga, New York

This coming October 22nd, 2016, Star Trek fans will be able to tour exact and lovingly created replicas of the original Star Trek television series with creative Trek alumni Doug Drexler at the CBS licensed Star Trek: Original Series Tour, created by James Cawley.

Drexler who is an Oscar, British Academy Award & Saturn Award winner has worked on multiple Star Trek shows including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise along with some of the Star Trek movies as well and will walk guests around the sets, lifting the veil of secrets to many of Trek’s Production Design secrets as they pertain to the Original Enterprise interior sets and Star Trek in general!

So celebrate the 50th anniversary by going behind the scenes of the Classic Series and walk in the footsteps of your Classic Trek heroes along with Doug Drexler at the Star Trek: Original Series tour’s location in Historic downtown Ticonderoga, New York location.

A seemingly very excited Doug Drexler had this to say recently on social media about his upcoming appearance, “Something Gene Roddenberry said that I’ve never forgotten – ‘The Starship Enterprise is not a collection of motion picture sets or a model used in visual effects. It is a very real vehicle; one designed for storytelling. You, the audience furnish its propulsion. With a wondrous leap of imagination, you make it into a spaceship that can take us into the far reaches of the Galaxy and sometimes even the depths of the human soul…’

The Enterprise continues to inspire and look believable 50 years after its conception. Matt Jefferies original Enterprise designs have spun off nearly a dozen re-stylings, not to mention the probably hundreds, if not thousands of fan interpretations. It was, and remains, an act of artistic genius still hurtling forward of its original inertia, a fountainhead piece of futuristic architecture which will continue to inspire and entertain for many, many years to come. And a stunning accomplishment for any Hollywood designer.

Join me in Ticonderoga at the end of the month. We’ll dig boldly into who Matt Jefferies was, and the underpinnings of this work of genius.

I’ve started putting together my presentation for the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour at the end of the month! It’s going to be like a post graduate lecture on Matt Jefferies, and the supernatural persistence of vision that is Star Trek. I’ve been studying 50 years to hang out with you on these amazing sets! ENGAGE!

There are few Trek insiders and related industry professionals with Doug Drexler’s experience, knowledge and passion for all things Trek related and those who attend this Star Trek: Original Series Tour are simply in for the time of their lives. No self respecting Trekkie and lover of science fiction should miss this opportunity to spend an amazing day surrounded by not only the awe inspiring sets of the original series as recreated by James Cawley and those on his team, but also the opportunity to spend quality time with the talent and mind of Doug Drexler who did so much to bring Star Trek to life.

The Star Trek: Original Series Tour invites all Trek fans to see the Desilu Studio sets as they looked during the groundbreaking show’s 1966-1969 seasons while the original Star Trek was filmed there. These recreated sets have achieved an amazingly high-degree of accuracy based on original blueprints and hundreds of hours of serious research along with thousands of photos.

Purchase your tickets for Doug Drexler’s intergalactic appearance, as will also be hosted by James Cawley on Saturday October 22, 2016  at the Star Trek Tour location at 112 Montcalm Street, Ticonderoga, NY 12883.

You can also see further details and photos specific to the Original Series Tour at

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