‘Drifter Lonesome Highway’ Dials Up The Edginess A Notch from ‘Broken Road’

Lonesome Highway' continues the story of Drifter played once again by Vanessa Leinani who is still on the run from her troubled past as a soldier in the second America Civil War.

Released last year as a sequel to ‘Broken Road’. ‘Drifter: Lonesome Highway’ continues the story of Drifter played once again by Vanessa Leinani who is still on the run from her troubled past as a soldier in the second America Civil War.

She runs into trouble on the Missouri/Kansas border in the form of the violent vixen, Mustang Sally, and her guns for hire group, The Regulators.

It’s a surprise to me that Jason Brasier’s second ‘Drifter’ series has not been reviewed more than it has because its a little edgier and darker than the opening season ‘Broken Road’, but added to that it has some outstanding performances. Specifically Jennifer Eiffert as Mustang Sally who seems to delight and get a pretty big turn on by inflicting pain on others. Eiffert is pretty mesmerizing with her performance. Her funniest scene coming when she tries to seduce Moses played by Rodney Wiseman.

The story basically sees Drifter find temporary sanctuary in a small settlement in which a group of people are trying to claim their humanity back bet settling up a community. Sadly trouble soon follows Drifter when Sally and her Regulators show up and start taking who and whatever they want in order to fulfill their contract with Moon who blames drifter for the death of his wife.

The settings for this series are really well shot, but its the music and the understated performance from Leiani that really makes this series work. Leiani’s Drifter is perhaps the best described as the female version of Clint Eastwood’s mysterious stranger. Only unlike Eastwood’s anti hero we get to know a little about Drifter’s past and the traumatizing experiences she has survived.

The supporting actors do a great job with their roles. Even those that only may have a brief walk on.

If you’re a fan of the western genre, but want to see it played out in the form of a post apocalyptic America after a second civil war. You should really check out this series. It has solid and likable characters and doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to showing you how harsh things have become.

For me this is among the best web series out there, which is quite a big statement to make given that they are so many.

You can learn more about ‘Drifter: Lonesome Highway’ and get all the episodes as well as those for ‘Broken Road’ at: www.drifterseries.com

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