DVD Review: Heyday!

It's 1945, and 16-year-old Terry dreams of waiting tables at the Airlines Hotel in Gander, "Gateway to the World at War!".

Synopsis: It’s 1945, and 16-year-old Terry dreams of waiting tables at the Airlines Hotel in Gander, “Gateway to the World at War!”. When his mother becomes ill and their house is quarantined, Terry conjures up the hotel world to keep his fears at bay, complete with a spy mystery and a romance with the vivacious Laurie Dwyer. But with a war outside and death upstairs, Terry must choose between boyhood fantasies or confronting life’s hard truths.

Review: Made in 2006 Heyday is yet another television movie that has been released in the UK through Simply Media.

The film features Joanne Kelly of ‘Warehouse 13’ fame in a role the role of sultry and vivacious Laurie Dwyer, who much of the action centres on.

Adam Butcher plays the role of Terry Butcher who dreams of the glamour and stardust of Gander and shares his day dreams with his dying mum Violet played superbly by Deidre Gillard-Rowlings.

The film is pretty successful in channelling the glamour of old Hollywood stars and we get treated to a few brief appearances by Bob Hope who is played by Mark McKinney.

Joanne Kelly’s role is pretty much recurring throughout the film as Terry’s guide if you will to the glamorous and intriguing world of Gander.

Its very much a character piece in the form of a fantasy film, which is both bright and pretty bleak at the same time.

If I’ve one criticism of the film. Its the pacing is terribly slow and somewhat of a grind to watch at times.

I’m cool with their being character beats throughout any film, but in this case it is often at the expense of moving the story forward.

The characters in the film are fantastic and Terry is someone that most people will be able to relate to. Especially if they have ever had to nurse their mum back to health or worse still lost their mother.

Peter MacNeill puts in a pretty solid performance as Terry’s father who is perhaps the most grounded character throughout the film. 

To sum up. At a suggested retail price of £14.99 this is likely overpriced and is what I’d consider more of a rental for a rainy, but slow day.

  • Music and the Setting
  • Slow pacing
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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