Former ‘Buffy’ Actress Juliet Landau Working On Vampire Documentary

"It transcends the traditional idea of a documentary - it has interlinking narrative films which are inspired by the conversations," Landau explained.

Former ‘Buffy’ cast member Juliet Landau is to produce a documentary film, which takes a closer look at the history and pop cultural appeal of vampires.

Fans of ‘Buffy’ will probably remember Landau for her role of Drusilla who was often seen alongside James Marsters Spike before she jumped ship to play the role in ‘Angel’.

The documentary is to be called ‘A Place Among The Undead’ and will feature exclusive interviews and insights from the likes of Joss Whedon, Tim Burton and ‘Dracula’ star Gary Oldman.

“It transcends the traditional idea of a documentary – it has interlinking narrative films which are inspired by the conversations,” Landau explained to Digital Spy.

“One of the things that we found fascinating talking with all of the creators is how each of them use the metaphor of vampirism to look at a myriad of elements of the human condition.

“So Joss Whedon uses the metaphor of vampirism in Buffy to explore high-school as a nightmare. Kevin Grevioux created Underworld because of his experiences with inter-racial dating. Tim Burton says Dark Shadows was all about dysfunctional family.

“It gives us so many ways to look at our own natures, and so each of the narrative films is based on a different metaphor.”

Landau admits that her fascination with the paranormal began when she started working with Joss Whedon and the gang on ‘Buffy’.

The actress has launched an indigogo campaign in order to raise the necessary funds to bring this fangtastic project to life.

You can learn more about this project and pledge some funds to it at:

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