Fox Says Sutherland Is Welcome To Return To ’24’

In many of his recent interviews Sutherland has said that he is not likely to return to the role

Last week it was revealed that Fox were in talks to do a series of ’24’ in which Jack Bauer – the character played by Kiefer Sutherland would not be the main character.

In an update about these plans the network, who stated that they would not be killing Jack Bauer have added that Sutherland would be more than welcome to return if he wants to.

In many of his recent interviews Sutherland has said that he is not likely to return to the role. A role, which pretty much rebooted his career as an actor, but he also added that he did say something similar before agreeing to do ’24: Live Another Day’, which proved to be a big draw for Fox in the Spring of last year.

Fox co-chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman have now stressed that Sutherland is more than welcome to return for 24‘s new run in 2016 at the earliest.

“If [Sutherland] wants to, he’ll be in it and it will be built around him,” Newman told TV Insider. “That would by far be our preference.”

Newman continued: “I think the idea of real time is a powerful franchise. Rebooting 24 in another way, with a different character, is actually an exciting re-imagining.”

Walden added that Fox executives were impressed by a “great pitch” for a Jack Bauer-less version of 24.

“We don’t want to rush it,” Walden said. “There’s a point Jack Bauer can come in and fit very organically in their story, but they were prepared to do something that would be the one instalment without Jack Bauer.”

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