Could Sansa Win The Throne On ‘Game Of Thrones’?

The actor behind Daario thinks Sansa Stark could Take The Iron Throne.

‘Game Of Thrones’ is well and truly back and for the last three weeks the series has provided fans with much to talk and speculate about.

One question that all ‘Game Of Thrones’ are asking is who will win the Iron Throne. It’s a question that is often asked of the actors on the series as well and everyone has their own take on it.

In a recent interview for TV & Satellite Week. Michael Huisman gave his take on the question and his answer might just surprise.

When asked the popular ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor initially said that he was in camp Daenerys, but then went with Sansa Stark.

“I’m part of team Dany, of course, but somehow always thought it would be Sansa, especially when you see what she’s been going through. You always know that the deeper down the character falls, the higher she or he may rise…”

Huisman, who plays Daario’s in ‘Game Of Thrones’ was less forthcoming when asked about developments in regards to his character. But he did says that a lot is going to happen with his and all the other story lines as the show moves forward.

“I can’t say to much. obviously, but its going to be a big and exciting season. By this point, the stories are on the shoulders of many characters and luckily Daario is one of them. He has been working together with Jorah to try and track down Dany. It will be interesting to see how Daario copes when he finds Dany, though”

Of course that last statement about how Daario will cope when finding Daenerys is probably going to drive fans nuts in terms of where her story-line is going to end up. The beauty of the new series of ‘Game Of Thrones’ is that no one knows how it is going to end up because the series is no longer following the books.

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