Gillian Anderson Would Like To See Lego ‘X-Files’ Set

"The toys are out there!'

‘X-Files’ star Gillian Anderson has made a stand for fans of the series everywhere. Specifically those fans that enjoy their collectable toys.

Anderson who became an overnight television star due to her portrayal of Dana Scully in the cult series has helped kick off a campaign for a Lego ‘X-Files’ set and has kicked things off by tweeting a photo of herself alongside co-star  David Duchovny holding lego versions of Mulder and Scully.


The idea for the set was pitched by X-Files fan and LEGO designer Brent Waller.

Sadly Waller’s pitch for the set was rejected by the powers that be at Lego because of the mature nature of the series.

Waller’s design includes figures of Mulder and Scully holding oversized ID cards and flash lights.

Waller is a regular contributor to the Lego community and has had a ‘Ghostbusters’ set accepted by Lego in the past.
Fans have taken to Twitter to argue a case for ‘X-Files’ with Lego and I personally am 100 percent in their corner because I think Lego are missing a trick here in that ‘X-Files’ sets would do really well on the collectors market. As the recent release of ‘X-Files’ pop vinyl figures from Funko has proved.
You can see more of Brent Waller’s work on his flickr at:
Check out the new trailer for the ‘X-Files’ revival series below:

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